What Does CRO Stand for in Marketing? Why is it Important?

What Does CRO Stand for?

As you start digging deeper and deeper into the SEO world, you’ll begin to encounter more and more terms you might be unfamiliar with. Like any other field, SEO is an evolving discipline where new and evolving strategies to help develop more effective online platforms. These days, one of the hottest trends is CRO. What does CRO stand for?  It means conversion rate optimization. CRO is the complementary function of SEO. With SEO, you pull users into your site whereas, with CRO, you turn them into customers. This short guide will help you increase your conversion rate so that you can fully complete your digital marketing strategy.



Where You Need to Begin

In digital marketing, everything comes down to your analytics. They are your gauge of seeing all the essential information about your site. Before you can apply any ideas, you need to have an understanding of who your audience is, what’s the session time and bounce rate benchmark of your users and how they access your page (both mobile vs. pc and via search or direct). Once you have an understanding of these numbers, they can start putting a strategy together.


Your Users are Your Test Subjects

If you have attracted users to your site, then there is a high chance they are already interested in whatever good or service that your offering. Now, it’s about funneling that interest in the right way. The best way to do this is through split A/B Testing. This is the same kind of testing that scientists use where you have a control and test group.

Basically, you direct one set of users to one version of a page and another set to a page with the same content but a different look. From here, you can see differences in consumers behavior to see what the effect is or not especially when you are looking at the click number and form submission. These pages can help you create a model that will assist the rest of your site.  

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Eliminate Distractions

We all can remember the early Internet days with constant pop-ups, flashing ads, and bizarrely formatted text. With so many different things happening on one page, it was impossible to focus. The same logic applies even now where, in general, sites are designed much better. Now, however, you do need to be more subtle. You want to lead the eye of your users to where you want the most attention. Make your web design simple, bold and clean, and to the point. Keep things focused here, and have a CTA nearby and you’ll be good to go.  


CTA’s all the Way

Your CTA or call-to-action is how you turn leads into sales, so you need to make sure they are useful. These need to be carefully designed, and you want to be sure you consider every detail from the right wording, size, colors, and placement on the page.  

Always remember that your primary goal is figuring out the best way to engage your target audience. This is another area where you see the effects of A/B pricing. For example, if you are selling package tours, there can be a vast difference between a CTA button that says “Book Now” vs. “Reserve Your Adventure Today.”


People like People

This is where your sense of design can lead you astray. You might have some incredible product shots or landscape photos that are stunning. But at the end of the day, people like seeing people. They are used to scrolling through “empty images” that do not contain anyone in them. When you include images of people, it gives your users the ability to imagine what it would be like if they use your good or service.

Studies have even proven that the CRO rate is nearly double when pictures of people are underneath or near the CTA button. This is important to remember if you want high converting CTA buttons. Even if you are just going to use a stock photo of a group of people, it can go very far.





Finding the Right Balance

So, what does CRO stand for? In the end, it's the strategy used in order to best achieve that conversion rate optimization and you are now on your way to developing a successful formula. Remember, like everything in digital marketing, it takes a little time and trial and error, but once you get it right you’ll see your online platform truly take off and your sales soar!


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