7 Powerful Ways Video SEO Improves Your Rankings

Video is powerful and only becoming more popular by the day. Thus, it’s not that surprising that a video on Youtube can have 15 million views, even if it was just posted a few months ago.


Marketers have known for a while that people are transfixed by video content. According to a recent study, over 500 million hours of videos are being watched on YouTube on a daily basis.


In addition to that, a typical website visitor will spend 88% more time on your site if you have video content included. If that’s not convincing enough, your viewers will recall 85% more of a message if they learn about it through a video as compared to reading it over text.


Why Are Videos So Popular?


Videos offer a highly engaging combination of creative visuals and audio. They allow your audience to sit back and take in your message, rather than get lost in their thoughts and distracted from your written word. The content on the video is easy to access and absorb.


Why Marketers Should Include Videos in their Marketing Campaigns


As millions of people use their smartphones and devices all day, being present on high traffic social media sites is a must for marketers.


If you’re an entrepreneur with a product or service you want to promote through content marketing, these facts will blow your mind.


Studies have shown that half a billion people watch videos on Facebook every single day.


Just imagine what a portion of these millions of views can do for a brand if they properly leverage videos on Facebook. The same goes for Twitter, You Tube, Instagram and other highly visible social sites.


Even email marketing benefits from videos. Based on a study, emails sent with the word “video” on the subject line get opened 7% more often than those without.


And if that’s not all, according Wyzowl, 76% of those they surveyed in 2018 have attested to enjoying increased traffic after using videos on their marketing campaigns.


Quality Content with Video Increases SEO rankings


Google doesn’t like fluff. It wants to see you know what you’re talking about. And if you don’t, your content does not rank high on its search engine results page.


On Google’s search quality rater guide, as discussed on Forbes, it states that ranking higher means your content must “demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.”


But aside from this requirement, there’s another way to land on Google’s friendlier side – supplementing your quality content with awesome videos.


Google’s algorithm favors resources with multi-media content, particularly those with accompanying videos, pushing them higher on its search engine results page or SERP. And it makes sense.


After all, Google acquired the giant video search engine You Tube in 2006 and knows the incredible influence of videos in terms of engaging audiences in different demographics on a massive scale.


How to Optimize Your Videos for SEO


If you’ve already decided to use videos in your content marketing campaigns, here are helpful Video SEO considerations that can help you rank higher on search engines like Google.


1. Quality Video Content


This is the most important component of your video. It has to be trustworthy and give value to your audience.


Don’t just post videos for the sake of posting videos. There is so much content out there -- you need to ensure yours stands out and looks well done.


Poor quality visuals and audio will cause your content to look dated. Modern digital users don’t have much tolerance for that anymore. Consider investing in a videographer or some decent camera equipment.


In regards to the content, have a thorough plan, do your research, and execute with focus and grit. Make your video interesting and informative, and something a person will happily watch from beginning to end.


2. Shareable Qualities


One of the best features of social media platforms is that a great video can gain traction like wildfire. You never know if your video will be the next one to go viral. At the very least, you want to encourage your audience to share with their networks


Videos that are more likely to be shared tap into emotion, provide some humor, or offer valuable, actionable information. Also, don’t forget to incorporate the share button within your post.


3. Keyword Rich Transcripts


Keywords are still important for SEO and search engines can’t yet understand the content of video like a human can. Thus, having a transcript that describes what your video audio will help search engines pick up those keywords and help rank your content properly.


Transcripts can be included in your video’s description if it’s posted on Youtube. If you post your video directly on your website, include the transcript text underneath the video.


4. Thumbnails That Get Clicks


Your audience does not know what your video is about upon seeing the window or link so you have to make it easier for them to decide if they want to click on it or not. There are many ways to optimize your thumbnail for clicks, including using a high resolution image and making it attention grabbing.


Needless to say, make your thumbnail description short but powerful. Arouse your audience’s curiosity with a few introductory words.


5. Optimized Meta Data


Your video’s information should be strategically created, from your video’s title down to your thumbnail. Use the most relevant keywords to describe what you’re showing to your viewers.


That way, the search engines can understand your video, rank it well, and reach your target audiences on SERPs.


6. Proper Hosting


If you want to earn views, Youtube is a good place to upload your video, as millions of people use it to discover videos related to a particular topic or subject.


But if you want to drive traffic directly to your website, you may want to also embed your video directly to your site.


Keep in mind that hosting a video on your website directly, as opposed to embedding it, can slow down your site and decrease it’s viewability. Thus, it’s not recommended.


7. Interactive Calls To Action


If you’ve watched a youtube video, you’ve probably been asked to “Like, Comment, and Subscribe!” The reason so many content creators say this is because it’s effective.


Having a call-to-action at the end of the video helps engage your audience to continue communicating with you even after watching. As they engage, you can introduce them to more content on your site and entice them to be active participants in your campaigns.


CNG Digital Marketing is an SEO Expert


The team at CNG Digital Marketing understands your marketing goals when it comes to optimizing your content so you rank higher on search results through compelling videos.

Talk to us today to learn more about how we can boost your video SEO to its full potential.


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