Twitter 280 Update: How to Update Your Tweets for B2C

The idea for increasing the Twitter character limit has been floating around for a while, but the update still came out of nowhere. With this new update, you need to figure out how to adapt your marketing strategy to keep optimizing your tweets within the new limit.


1. You Don’t Have to Tweet Longer

Many users are bemoaning the change on Twitter, as they were happy with the 140-character limit. If you have something to say that easily fits within 140 characters, there is no need to make it longer just to take advantage of the extra leeway.


2. Change Your Strategy Toward Content

With the 140-character limit, all you had space for when tweeting your latest blog post was the headline. This had the advantage of making you focus your efforts on creating a descriptive title that users would want to click.

Continue to create appealing headlines — in many cases, simply tweeting the title will be sufficient. However, if you feel that more explanation would encourage clicks, use the opportunity provided by the extra characters.


3. Be Reasonable with Hashtags

With 280 characters, you can finish your message and include relevant hashtags to improve visibility. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use all the hashtags you find that relate in some way to your tweet. When users see a tweet stuffed with hashtags, they are more likely to ignore it.

In fact, whereas one or two hashtags lead to a 21-percent increase in response rate, more hashtags reduce engagement by 17 percent.


4. Make Tweets Aesthetically Pleasing

A tweet was already more likely to be noticed when it included an image, video, or GIF. This is even more important with longer tweets, as visuals give users a reason to start reading. Tweets that see the most engagement feature images that describe the text without explaining everything. You can also split up long blocks of text with emojis — users react best to positive expressions.


5. Find Out What Your Audience Wants

You need to start from the beginning again to test what types of tweets your audience responds to. If you find that users are engaging with your longer tweets, plan to include more in your campaigns. However, if you find that followers prefer shorter tweets, you are better off sticking to the old limit, tweeting just as you were before.


6. Follow Influencers

Check out what the most popular B2C brands are doing, especially those in your industry. This will give you ideas about what may work for you. Plus, you can avoid making the same mistakes.


Increasing the Twitter character limit to 280 has come as great news for some users but a disaster for others. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to please everyone. Instead, you need to strive to connect with as much of your target audience as possible and to continue improving your strategy.


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