10 Tips to Boost Your Mobile Conversion Rates

What do you know about mobile conversion rates? Interestingly enough, most people use their smartphones to search the Internet. From reading blogs to purchasing clothes, less and fewer people are using desktop computers to do their daily scrolling. Think about: How do you surf the net?

Due to the fact that so many people use mobile devices for their Internet needs, it’s imperative to also focus your efforts on mobile marketing. If a site’s content doesn’t properly fit a mobile screen, then visitors are most likely to leave. After all, in today’s world, options are limitless. If a website isn’t up to par, or at least easy to navigate, it won’t get a lot of traffic.

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Quicker Checkout

As you know, patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, not many are blessed with said virtue. When consumers visit a site, the last thing they have the patience for is a long checkout process, in which they’re ordered to fill out forms. Keep things quick and simple.

Cater to Your Audience

As stated above, mobile devices are quite popular for browsing and shopping the net. However, that doesn’t mean people don’t still use desktops. If you really want to please your audience and ensure they come back for more, then you better have something for everyone.

No Time Wasters

Content is still king; however, no one wants to have their time wasted. Therefore, when it comes to content - or, anything your site has to offer - it needs to be relevant.

Don’t Forget about Cross-channel Tracking

It’s necessary to find out where and how visitors first heard about your site. So . . . ask them! You can potentially boost revenues with the assistance of a Google forwarding number.

Image Overkill

The faster your website loads, the better. Remember, patient visitors, are few and far between. Therefore, don’t add too many images to your site, as they’ll kill its speed. When it comes to mobile conversion rates, this is one of the most important tips.

How to Navigate

Back to the whole convenience and easy to read point - your site should not be overly difficult to navigate. You won’t have too much time to capture visitor’s attention and keep them engrossed . . . maybe fifteen seconds. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making your site too complex.

Filters Are Important, Too

Help your customers find the right products as quickly and conveniently as possible. It’s believed that visitors to your site should be able to find what they’re looking for within three clicks or less. To accomplish this goal, consider using icons instead of sliders.

The Call Button

You’re going to get visitors to your site who will want to call you. Make sure you have a click-to-call button that is not only visible but also easy to use. This tool can help you convert mobile traffic into phone leads.

Skip the Banners

When you visit a site, do you enjoy the distraction or hurdle of pop-up banners? Didn’t think so. Therefore, skip them! Anything popping up on a mobile screen is frowned upon by Google, as part of their new algorithm.


Time is money, people. Creating a sense of urgency can help customers react, and actually promote them to make a purchase. Also, it’s a good idea to reward those using a smartphone to view your site, either with a special discount or a unique offer of some kind.

Be the Best

If you want to stand out from the competition, then you need to be the best - you do that with mobile conversion rates. Prove to your visitors that you not only care about them, but that you want to make their time spent on your site simple and fun. Make customers feel important, and they’re more likely to become repeat consumers.

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