How to Use Testimonials in Web Design (And Why)

When it comes to doing business online, testimonials in web design can make or break your bank. While the advancement of eCommerce has brought untold opportunities for businesses by giving them an entire new venue, it has not been without its fair share of challenges, from the advertisement of products to the actual buying and selling. Recognizing what makes a good testimonial allows a potential consumer to determine whether a business is qualified and professional about the services they offer, and it allows a business to demonstrate mastery of the things customers want.


At first glance, it may seem like testimonials are complicated, or more trouble than they are worth. Nothing could be further from the truth. A brief Internet search reveals examples of well placed testimonials, as well as the benefits of having them. While it may take some careful thought to present testimonials in the most effective way, once properly employed, testimonials in web design provide exceptional benefit for businesses and consumers alike.

A testimonial gives proof of experience:

One of the most important things a good testimonial in your website design will do is reinforce proof of your experience as a business. It’s one thing to say that you’ve been in business for a significant period of time, or performed work for a significant number of high profile clients, but it’s even better to have examples and feedback from genuine customers verifying this information. A potential customer is more likely to listen to someone who has been in their shoes.

A testimonial gives proof of ability:

Verifying your experience in the industry is never a bad idea, but that alone is not enough. Most customers don’t want someone just good at the job - they want the best deal for their budget. For that reason, having testimonials available to give details about specific projects allows you to show potential clients that you not only have experience, but that you can tailor that experience to suit their individual needs.

A testimonial gives proof of satisfaction:

More than anything else, a testimonial serves as ‘living proof’ of satisfied customers. Business is not just about getting the job done - it’s also about serving the needs of the clients, and oftentimes, those needs go beyond mere effectiveness. A customer wants to feel good about the decisions they have made, and a well presented testimonial does just that - informs potential clients that their needs are in good hands with your business. It tells them that you won’t just get the job done - you will do so with quality, and leave them more than satisfied with the outcome.


Testimonials, like every other part of a website, must be employed properly to provide the full benefit - anything less is a waste of space that may actually result in a loss of potential customers. Below are examples of how a testimonial should be presented.

A testimonial should be easy to find:

It doesn’t matter what clients have to say about your business if potential customers cannot find such comments easily. You’ll want to have at least some of your testimonials available on your main page so that visitors can get a taste of what’s in store when doing business with you.

A testimonial should not be obtrusive/overbearing:

In somewhat of a contrast to the first point, even though a testimonial should be upfront and easy to access, it shouldn’t be mandatory, or the center of the action. You want to give potential customers a chance to look around, with the experiences of those who came before them available for browsing whenever they are ready.

A testimonial should be brief:

While testimonials play a crucial role in garnering trust and securing business, they should not be the focus of the website. Instead, they should support other information from a consumer oriented perspective, giving potential buyers a level of comfort and confidence that encourages them to learn more.

A testimonial should be relevant and informative:

A testimonial is more than just a list of people giving seals of approval. It should be a window into your business, allowing customers a glimpse of how you operate - particular methods or techniques, special deals, top-notch support and customer service - let your quality speak for itself through the words of your clients.

A testimonial should offer more:

While the testimonial should not be front and center, it should be ready in the wings to provide access to more in-depth information. This may be as simple as additional testimonials, informative videos, or perhaps statistics - the point is, it should be able to provide the right kind of support to your website to pull the page(s) together.

In conclusion, it literally pays to know how, where, and when to present testimonials in web design. A proper use of reviews can have serious benefits for your business, especially that of generating a higher number of happy, satisfied customers.


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