Top 10 Tips on Facebook Business Page Optimization

If more than a billion people hang out at your place every single day to socialize, you can’t say you’re not popular.


Just like Facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platform, which attracts almost 1.5 billion users on a daily basis, remains a powerful marketing medium that can reach audiences in various demographics all over the world.


In fact, if utilized the right way, Facebook can easily propel a business to success in terms of reach, customer engagement, market growth, brand equity, and revenue.


If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to capture even just a tiny slice of Facebook’s massive global audience, you have to be active on the platform with a well-structured Facebook Business Page.


Of course, pushing all the right buttons helps.



Here are ten tips on Facebook Business Page to help you boost your marketing goals:


1. Captivate through Pictures


Your cover photo and profile picture must not just captivate your potential followers; they should also represent what your business is about.


Upload engaging, original photos or images that are free for commercial use and not subject to copyright. You must also remember: the cover photo (also called banner by designers) has a different pixel requirement and dimension than the profile picture.


2. It’s All About Us


Once you’ve lured potential followers to check out your page through captivating photos, it’s time to let them know what your business is about. Establish trust and credibility by using facts, not fluff.


Let your audience know what you’re providing and how it can benefit them by giving them a taste of what they’ll experience once they’ve subscribed or followed your page. Be creative. Entice your audience to discover how your business can help them solve their particular problems.


Do they need help in finding retail discounts and savings tips, resources on self-publishing, or local contacts on plumbing and handyman issues? Whatever it is your audience needs, let them know they can go to your page for help.


3. Employ Chatbots


facebook chatFacebook has recently introduced chatbots on Facebook Messenger. Now businesses can respond to users simultaneously through robots that act as customer service reps. These chatbots reply to questions by sorting through a significant amount of stored information in their system.


These chatbots can also publish relevant content on schedule, as well as assist in online sales transactions. They are ideal tools for lead generation and developing marketing tactics, as they provide valuable insights from information provided by engaged online customers.


With an extra hand doing routine work for you, you can engage in other aspects of your business with better focus.




4. Build Your Community


Community Pages within your Facebook page are built around interests, experiences and topics related to your business. Communities generate posts relevant or similar to what you’re promoting on your page coming from other Facebook users.


However, you will not have control over the news feeds that come through your community page and unable to edit them either. But if you publish great content on your page, people who have the same interest will be able to see your posts and possibly establish a connection.


Here’s a helpful link on how to create your first Community Page.


5. Join Groups or Create Your Own


To expand your market and reach more people, you have to join groups that mirror your target audience or have an existing audience that can connect with or support your business. You also have the option to create your own group.

Within your group, you can post high quality content and engaging messages related to what your business offers with an added CTA (Call to Action). Groups bring together interactive members whom who can establish connections with.



6. Host a Live Broadcast


Live events are exciting. Since 2015, Facebook users have been able to broadcast live events through Facebook Live. During live broadcasts, you can can interact with the audience in real time.


Make sure your live videos are extremely fun and engaging to encourage more users to participate in upcoming events. It’s also a good time to ask your audience to subscribe to your Facebook Live notifications for future streaming.


Here’s the link on how to host a Facebook Live event.


7. Promote through Paid Ads


Promoting your page is easy through Facebook advertising. When you create custom ads for your business, you can use the Boost Post option to promote.


You can customize your reach by selecting your budget, duration, time to post, and your audience demographics. This is a great way to customize who will see your ads according to your target market.


8. Post Shareable Content


Get more likes and follows by encouraging people to share your content. The types of content you need to share must resonate with your audience and be relevant to the products or services you offer.


Entertaining or informative is more likely to get shared. This is the time to get creative. If your content picks up traction, it could bring your page a lot of traffic. 



9. Create a Poll


You can create mini-surveys on your page to gather information and insights from your followers. It facilitates communication and audience engagement while helping you develop marketing plans designed based on your newly acquired data.


10. Connect Your Instagram Account








Your Instagram posts can easily be posted on your Facebook page with all the hashtags if you want. This enables you to add a fresh post with a compelling photo to boot in one easy click. You also encourage your Facebook followers to join you on Instagram, another giant social media platform, to expand your reach.


CNG Digital Marketing Knows Facebook


CNG Digital Marketing can help you optimize your social media presence and boost your marketing success to the next level.


Our digital marketing experts and social media specialists will work hand in hand with you and your team to ensure your business achieves more engagement, more followers, more customers, and ultimately, more profit.



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