The Best Social Media Channels for Business Marketing

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Participation and engagement via social media channels are as intrinsic to B2B marketing today as ever. The serious and sustained practice of winning over business relations is comparable to the courtship rituals of days your cards right (AKA use the right social media channels for business marketing) and you’ll surely win over their hand.


Many companies don’t emphasize Google+ enough, but it’s one of the most invaluable social media channels for business marketing. A Google+ business page basically supercharges your SEO and adds to your rankability. Google+ business pages are primarily focused on content delivery and connections. Along with creating more opportunities for your business to be found organically in search results, when you pair it with your YouTube and Pinterest efforts these opportunities grow enormously.

Every business should have a well-stocked social media arsenal, among the most effective “weapons” is LinkedIn - it is absolutely essential to B2B digital marketing. First and foremost, LinkedIn prioritizes relationship building and connections. LinkedIn Groups offers a unique way to establish your business expertise in your target niche or industry and invite others in your target market to join. LinkedIn is truly one of the best sharing-platforms as far as social media channels for business marketing go. Used correctly the platform can increase your business’ perceived reliability and trustworthiness.


While most don't consider it’s a social media channel, Yelp! is imperative to your B2B digital marketing strategy. It is not only extremely critical to potential customers on a local scale, but especially important to seeing how you stack up next to your local competition. An active Yelp! strategy is absolutely crucial for getting your business on the map - literally.



It goes without saying (but we will remind you, for the sake of this article) that the Facebook platform is the largest online user database and demographic pool of any social media channel boasting over 1.59 billion users worldwide. Facebook Ads (their version of paid advertising) also help match your campaign’s current buyers to prospects with similar characteristics. We also like it for their super-effective and streamlined opt-in business landing pages. They’re among the highest ranked for name and email capture. While it is the number one B2C social media network, you should consider the influence it could have on your B2B digital marketing strategy.

When Twitter first launched, we were all confused about how it worked. Was it a chat medium? An online thought log? No one really knew. It wasn’t until later that we discovered Twitter’s real asset - viral value. The more your content is liked and retweeted, the more users are exposed to your brand, AKA the higher followership numbers become. Appropriate hashtags let you build momentum and increase your likelihood of trending (#digitalmarketing anyone?). It’s also an incredibly useful microblogging tool that forces creative copy to develop (AKA it’s a sure fire way to get your message out).Remember, most social media channels for business marketing are great outlets for community engagement and participation (e.g., content curation, sharing, and learning) - encourage more multi-sided conversations.

Adding Instagram to your social media plan is a no-brainer, especially if your company style is heavy on the visuals. It’s extremely useful when you’re looking to build up your company culture and B2C engagement and user-participation. It is also a beneficial social media channel for business marketing: advertise company-hosted events, conferences, networking opportunities, etc.

Everyone knows that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (duh, Google-owned). A well-run video marketing campaign can be some of the most engaging content published on social media. With SEO rankability increased, YouTube should be essential to your digital media marketing strategy - especially if your business is the least bit visual arts-focused. It’s a great platform for building company culture and the perceived community around your business.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Pinterest is the mother lode. It’s mainly a platform used for image sharing, but this becomes instrumental in building up your company culture and strong online brand presence. High-quality pins have the repin potential to go viral infinitesimally (AKA forever!). It’s a great medium for promoting your business’ products and services (link directly to e-Commerce) as well as a resource to use to grow your business following.

Depending on your business and the goals you want your social media strategy to hit, you may or may not consider using some of these platforms - but by all means, do not underestimate the power of social media channels for business marketing.


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