SEO vs. PPC: What's Right For Your Business?

Our modern world loves acronyms.


We LOL when we find something funny, SMH when we can’t believe what’s going on, say GTG when we have to run. In the world of marketing, acronyms are a way of life too.

seo vs ppc

If you’re a small business owner, you must have already heard about SEO and PPC and how they can help you thrive in your industry. Both of these marketing tactics get your website in front of your target audience to drive awareness, interaction, and ultimately, profit.


SEO and PPC are both traffic generating methods that can aid your digital marketing strategies if utilized properly. Often they are used together, but sometimes, one is better than the other in terms of helping you achieve your business goals.


Knowing their pros and cons will help you determine which aligns better with your marketing objectives.


What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

seo vs ppc search engine optimization

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that increases your visibility to your target market by driving traffic to your business’s website through organic or non-paid search engine results.


For example, if you have the right SEO elements, your website can land on top of SERP (search engine results page), such as Google or Yahoo, when web users search for information related to your business or topics discussed on your website.


Google currently generates 40,000 searches per second and is clearly the most favored search engine by web users to date. If your website makes it on the first page for your desired keyword, you will generate amazing, targeted traffic that is likely to convert.


A successful SEO strategy depends on Google’s algorithm. While Google is always making changes to their algorithm, it is generally accepted that they value great content, backlinks that signal trust, a mobile-friendly user experience, and many other technical factors.


If you optimize your site to deliver quality content and incorporate the right keywords, you will enjoy higher search rankings, which equates to higher visibility on SERPs.


Pros of SEO


Huge Opportunity: Landing on top of SERP will give you the opportunity to be discovered by billions of web users searching for information on the web every second.


Targeted Traffic: If your ranking on Google, you will generate traffic to your website and have a chance to convert such traffic into customers.By optimizing for the right keywords, this can have amazing results. 


It’s Free!: While you will either need to learn SEO on your own or hire a marketing specialist, the actual cost of ranking organically is free.


Cons of SEO


Long Term Strategy: Ranking high on SERPs is a long-term, meticulous process. It also requires regular monitoring and maintenance. Reaping the benefits of SEO can take a little longer than PPC.


Competition: Competition is quite stiff and your contenders may be giants in the same pond you’re swimming in. If you are a new website with a small domain authority, you can expect for it to take some time before you’re ranking in the first slot.


Requires Expertise: And even though SEO is free, your process to develop quality content may require expert copywriting, web design and marketing tactics that need a certain amount of budget to achieve. Hiring an experienced SEO professional is your best bet to rank well.


Go for SEO if you want to:

  • Build trust by establishing your site as an authority on the specific subject matter
  • Enjoy long term benefits from consistent presence on SERPs
  • Avoid spending on paid ads, which tend to generate less clicks versus organic visits
  • Build your identity by being the go-to resource by users who trust your brand


What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

seo vs ppc paid per click

 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a digital marketing method which allows advertisers to pay a certain fee each time their ad is clicked.  While it also relies on choosing the right keywords, this method is different than SEO because it can propel your ad to the very top of search engines fast, depending on your budget.


PPC, like it sounds, is a strategy where you pay as people click. Advertisers are charged ONLY when their ads are clicked. Thus, you want to make sure the ads you construct are targeting the right people. Otherwise, your clicks may not show much return.


The most common type of PPC is a paid search ad which appears on search engines when people search for commercial products or services.


PPC is also subject to Google’s algorithm, which will impact how and when it will appear on its SERPs. Having the right trigger keywords incorporated on the website’s meta data and content is important.


Finally, PPC is subject to more regulations. Google must approve your ads and this can sometimes require a few revisions. Some industries will have a harder time with the approval process than others -- especially healthcare services, alcohol, and adult content.


Pros of PPC


Fast First Page Visibility: PPC places your site on top of organic sources on SERPs. Therefore, you will enjoy higher visibility when users search for a particular business or commercial product. For this reason, it is essential to many businesses


Targeting Capabilities: You can also pre-set your target market in terms of demographics and scheduling. As you gather more data, you can narrow in on the time frames and audiences that generate more conversions, optimizing the use of your budget over time.


Cons of PPC


It Requires Payment: PPC is not free and requires a budget to run. The bigger the scope of the marketing campaign, the higher the ad-spend.


Temporary Visibility: Unlike SEO, PPC does not grow over time. It needs to be sustained in order to deliver results. When the budget stops, so does the business’s visibility and its potential to acquire customers and generate sales.


Less Trustworthy: Most searches understand that the first few hits on a search are advertisements. This can cause them to scroll past to the organic results, which can carry more trust and credibility.


Go for PPC if you want to:

  • Achieve immediate results when launching a product or when you want to attain visibility for your new business
  • When you have a targeted audience that you need to tap into
  • When you have the budget for ads
  • When you don’t have the resources to create strategic content to rank high on SERPs


CNG Digital Marketing Provides Expert SEO and PPC Services


CNG Digital Marketing can help you determine which traffic generating method is right for your small business. We have SEO/PPC experts in-house who can optimize these digital marketing strategies to help you achieve the best results.


CNG Digital Marketing is a premier SEO/PPC marketing agency based in San Diego, California.


Talk to us today to learn more.


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