SEO Hacks: How Often Should You Blog?

The essential SEO advice is that your website needs a quality blog. The problem is that running a blog that people will want to read takes a lot of time.


Even if you follow a solid template, you still need to have quality content, images that are sourced for re-use, and places to promote it, all while still having to run the many other challenges of running a business.


Once you have managed this, then the question becomes: how often should you blog?


The highest ranked sites (and the same goes for social media) publish several articles of content each day. How can one person or even a small team manage that?


Don’t worry; you don’t need to compete with the big dogs. But you do need to rise above your competition so you can get the most out of your web platform.


1. Be Consistent


When solving the question of how often should you blog, it is important to remember that the online audience members like to know what to expect from you.


No matter what volume of blogs you decide to publish per week, you need to be consistent. If you can only manage one a week, that’s fine,  but you need to be sure to do it and always around the same time.


This is how you keep your audience engaged and ready to look for new content on your site.


2. Quality over Quantity


There are so many different content marketing formats that can help build your websites SEO. Both your users and Google’s algorithm are searching for quality when determining your page ranking.


If you want to keep showing up on Google’s search results, then you have to have good content.


One thing to remember is that you can schedule posts so that you can set aside one portion of the week to work on your blog and then have content for the rest of the week. Producing seven days a week or quality content is going to be challenging so try shoot for at least once but ideally three times a week.


More than anything, once you do choose a schedule then stick to it!


3. Topic Clusters


Once you get to a point where you have a substantial amount of content on your site, you are going to want to organize. Topic clusters are when you put together all the topics under one specific category.


This helps users more easily access the specific thing they are looking, for which is one of the critical factors in determining your site’s SEO.



4. Go Back and Edit


When search engines look at your website, they are not only looking at new blogs. They are looking at all activity on a page.


So if you have updated your service or know about any new information, go back and edit some of your older posts. It’s an easy fix to freshen up your site, which you can do much more quickly than creating a new blog from scratch.


If you or your team are debating the frequency of how often should you blog, be sure to note that older content still affects the SEO of your overall site.


5. Promote Your Posts


SEO is very much a chicken and the egg situation. Google ranks higher if more users visit your site, but if no one is visiting, then it’s hard to get anywhere.


As a new platform, your job then is to not only create good posts but also get the word out there about them. Social media is your friend, and you can attract these users to your site by talking about your new post.


You also should look into guest posts on high authority sites because backlinks through these are a way of verifying to both users and search engines that your site is valuable.

how often should you blog seo hacks


6. Analytics are Your Best Friend


Nowadays most web clients have built-in analytics software along with the standard in the industry-Google Analytics. These will tell you which posts of yours are successful and which aren’t.


Not only that, you can see essential information, such as the time of day when your site is being accessed, location, type of user (mobile or PC) and so many other vital details.


In short, analytics can narrow down the answers as to how often should you blog, as well as what content is the most engaging for your audience. All of this information can be used to help you create a better blog that more effectively targets your audience.


This means you can not only grow your user base but also improve your conversion rate which is the whole point of your platform. Moreover, if you don’t understand the platform, using a Google Analytics guide will help you understand the most important and useful data.


7. Stick it Out


Not all of us are writers, so putting together something several times a week can feel like quite a chore. But remember, this is your business and your passion so it should come naturally to talk about it.


Just be sure you create a schedule and stick to it. With this and a little outside help to get everything tweaked just right, you’ll have everything you need. To answer the original question:


How often should you blog?


It depends on both your business as well as your customer base, but consistency and quality are key considerations. The positive effects of SEO take time, and with a little expert guidance, you can see your platform truly take off!


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