Customer Acquisition: Optimizing Real Estate Blog Content

It is impossible to acquire new customers if people are unaware of your existence. Real estate blog content can be a big help. For blog content to be effective, you need to optimize for search engines — in other words, use SEO.


1. Find the Right Keywords

When it comes to choosing keywords, you cannot rely on your intuition. You need to research which terms prospects are using to find real estate content and pick the least competitive phrases. The best are long-tail keywords that include your location — the more specific the better. Use one or two keywords no more than a couple times in each blog post.


2. Use Links

A major aspect of SEO is links. By adding links to your content from authoritative sources, you show that your blog posts are well-researched and accurate.

Similarly, you need links to your content. This demonstrates to Google that your blog posts have value. Over time, this will allow your own site to gain authority and you will rank higher for all new content. For starters, you should link to your posts on social media and add social sharing buttons to your blog to encourage others to do the same. Another tactic is to guest blog on local websites. Include a link to each post leading to your site.


3. Add the Best Images

Text-only blog post is unappealing to users. Google knows this and favors content that has at least a couple images. When you are talking about a particular property, choosing images is easy. For posts on other subjects, images require more thought.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is relevant and adds value to your blog post. Taking pictures yourself is ideal, but if this is unfeasible, search for stock photos of high quality.


4. Become a Local Resource

You need to present your blog as a source users can trust. Produce blog posts that provide useful information about the area in addition to real estate tips and information about new properties. For instance, by blogging about upcoming events, you demonstrate that your business is part of the community. Google favors this type of original content and will reward you with higher rankings.


5. Ensure That All Content Contributes to SEO

If you’re blogging about properties you most want to sell, you may turn to your IDX or MLS property listings. However, adding an IFrame to display these property listings on your blog means that the content is not actually on your website and therefore has no impact on SEO.

You have two options to resolve this issue. One is to copy the listing from IDX or MLS. The problem with this is that Google may flag your site as having duplicate content. A better option is to create unique content and then link to the IDX or MLS services.


All these tips may be overwhelming if you have limited knowledge of SEO and content creation. Luckily, we can help. We can create your real estate blog content as part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy. This will ensure that the right people see your blog posts and enable you to gain valuable new customers.


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