5 Tips for Using Pinterest to Drive Sales

Pinterest is one of the hottest social media sites out there. Hootsuite reported in November 2016 that 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest. So why not use it to increase your bottom line? Marketing on this social media platform can get your products and services seen by millions of people and should definitely be part of your social media management strategy. Here are five tips for using Pinterest to drive sales:

Post good quality images

Since Pinterest is a visually oriented site, it’s crucial to use good quality images of your company’s products. If you use photos that are too small or too blurry, they probably won’t get much attention. Photos with vibrant colors, on the other hand, are likely to get noticed.

Inspire with Lifestyle Pins

Selling is not about pushing a product or service under the nose of users hoping they will bite. You can use Pinterest to drive sales by showcasing real-life moment, emotions and content that actually matters to Pinners more than it may matter to you. This means to learn about the Pinterest audience and your target’s interests (Hint: mostly women)

Engage with your Followers

Another way to drive sales with Pinterest is to regularly engage with your followers. Monitor your Pinterest page every day to see if anyone has left comments. If a follower asked a question about one of your products, make sure to answer it promptly. This will show your followers that you care about them and actually read the comments they post. You can also get them more involved by running Pinterest contests. The prospect of a prize is always driving the crowds.

Tag your Pins Effectively

In order for your products to show up on Pinterest search results, you must use appropriate tags on each of your pins. For example, if you sell homemade jewelry, you can include phrases like “beaded necklaces” or “glass bead necklaces” in your tags. You should also consider saving your pins into specific categories to increase your exposure. Link back to your site, or blog and you’re almost a Pin Master.

How else to use Pinterest to Drive Sales? Promotion

Pinterest advertising - modestly called Promoted Pins - is a good way to boost your sales growth, especially if you need a kickstart or are in slow season. Promoted Pins are Pins you pay to retarget users based on their interests and behavior, or who showed an interest to your site.

There are many ways to use Pinterest to your full advantage. It ultimately comes down to engagement and relevant content.
If you learn how to use social media to drive traffic, you can increase your sales. “Simple” as that!

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