Business Outsourcing - Online Marketing Agency vs. Freelancers

When it comes to running a business, you just jump into it. There’s so much to consider from finding the ideal space for your budget and needs to managing both your employees’ schedule and meetings with clients to making sure all the equipment within your office is working correctly. And that doesn’t even include focusing on the core aspect of whatever your business is! For this reason, it makes sense for you to outsource. It saves you time and money so you can stay focused. These days, you generally have the choice between online marketing agencies vs. freelancers. This short guide will explain the difference between the two.


Online Marketing Agency Perks

When you are working with an online marketing agency, you’re not working with one individual, but a team of experts. There are a wide variety of benefits for this. The old saying “two heads are better than one” really applies here. If you are looking to create a highly effective brand awareness strategy, then having a digital agency working on your campaign will help it reach its full potential. This is because you have a team bouncing ideas back and forth and using their experience from past projects to create something that is specifically designed to work for your company’s needs.



Agencies offer a Skilled Team Effort

When you choose to work with an online marketing agency you are also getting the benefit of working with people who have a wide range of skills. For example, you might hire a freelancer, but their expertise lies in coding and not so much in SEO optimization or content writing. The top digital agencies put a skilled team on a project, so you get experts in each stage of your campaign to make your marketing strategy is truly successful.


The Benefits of Freelancers

There are many benefits to working with an online marketing agency, but there are also a few key perks to hiring freelancers. Hiring freelancer is a cheaper option, and there are many talented ones out there who have a wide range of skills. Also, because freelancers can be easier to manage because you have one on one contact with them. That means if there is one thing, in particular, you want to change; you can quickly and directly contact them


Cons of Freelancers

While there are some decent benefits to a freelance-hire strategy, there are also a variety of cons for your business. As mentioned, many freelancers are only skilled in one or a handful of skills. So you can’t expect one of them to handle all of your digital marketing services. You’ll have to work with a few different ones to cover all of your needs. Coordinating between all of them can be a lot more difficult than if you have one online marketing agency working as a team on your project.

Not only that, individual freelancers may be cheaper, but once you do need to utilize more than a couple for different things than the cost begins to add up. Think about the way you might bundle your phone and Internet packages. The same thing applies to a digital agency and you all you have the expertise of having professionals familiar with all fields.

Finally, freelancers are forced to split their time between projects. The average freelancer works with anywhere between five to ten clients. Even if they are great are at time management, there are going to be times when you need something rushed out quickly, and they might not be able to deliver. You don’t want to take that serious of risk when an important opportunity pops up.



What’s the Best Call for Your Business?

It all depends on the size of your company. If you have the resources than nothing beats having an in-house team, but that can be very expensive and creates additional HR responsibilities for you. For most small to medium businesses, the choice comes down to either freelancers or an online marketing agency.

The truth is nothing beats finding a local marketing agency. Unlike freelancers, they give you not just reliability, but the expertise you are looking for in a range of different areas so you can create a unified and successful online campaign needed to push your company efforts!


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