Our 3 Favorite CRMs and Why We Love Them

Whether you run a Fortune 500 company or a single-person operation, chances are you’re making new relationships with people every day.


From third-party vendors to CEOs, the success of your business depends on who you know almost as much as what you do or what you make. Each of these connections represents an opportunity for your business to network, develop, and grow, so it’s important to make sure you’re properly nurturing these vital relationships. 


But, with hundreds of emails in your inbox, dozens of phone calls to your office, and plenty of curious customers, how can you keep track of everyone? If you need a fast, efficient way to organize your contacts, check out our top three favorite CRMs in the industry.


What is a CRM and Why Does Your Business Need One? 

So, what exactly is a customer relationship management system (CRM)? These platforms organize all of your customer’s important data, such as their email address and phone number in one place. Gone are the days of Rolodexes when contact information was easily lost, misplaced, or lost altogether. A CRM provides businesses with quick access to essential information that can help drive lead generation and make the way your company interacts with customers more tailored to the customer’s desires. 




Another component of this advanced system is the ability to segment and track the status of your contacts as they move through the funnel to becoming a full-fledged customer and, ideally, a repeat customer.  You wouldn’t want to promote content that’s targeted to someone in the decision stage when the particular contact you’re interacting with is still at the beginning of the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey


Additionally, CRMs are designed to be user-friendly and are implemented throughout an entire business, so every member of your team has access to the same information in the same space.


HubSpot: Fan Favorite CRM

HubSpot has a reputation for being a leader in the world of inbound marketing for its innovative marketing tactics and desire to educate the public. One key reason why we love this particular CRM is the easy integration of social media channels. For a full-service digital marketing agency, being able to access and post within multiple platforms for a client is a must and HubSpot makes it incredibly easy to create cohesive, consistent posts. To see how our client’s pages are performing, we can also turn to the lead analytics dashboard, which allows us to examine and analyze data to make educated next steps.


Salesforce: Innovative Solutions and Cool Tools 


For cloud-based solutions and industry pioneer status, Salesforce is a great CRM choice. The system is tech-savvy and offers unique tools such as the AppExchange, which allows you to develop and install apps to customize your Salesforce page, as well as use preexisting apps. It’s also easy to quickly share and collaborate on files with your team using their secure sharing network. For larger companies with a more diverse clientele, you also have the option to establish libraries, which can help you organize content into different groups. 


Insightly: Best CRM for Small Budgets 

Owners of smaller businesses with fewer employees need to consider the scalability of the CRM system they need. In many cases, the features available in other CRMs are simply not necessary and can leave you paying for more than you actually need. This is where Insightly ranks on our list of best CRMs. 


Even though the platform is meant for smaller businesses and budgets, Insightly still offers competitive features such as easy software integration so you can incorporate things like Google Apps or Microsoft Outlook. For business owners on a real shoestring budget, Insightly even offers free accounts for up to 3 users and 2,500 contacts, along with a 14-day trial of the paid version so you can try before you buy. 


Choosing the Right System for Your Business 

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right CRM for your business needs and budget. If you’re unsure about what system will best suit your goals, contact our team at CNG Digital Marketing as we are more than happy to help. 

Customer Relationship Management
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