How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

While LinkedIn might have started out primarily as a recruiting and professional networking website, it has since evolved into an effective marketing and promotional tool for B2B companies. A well-structured professional company profile on LinkedIn can serve as a springboard for businesses to grow their customer base, promote and share their products and interact with potential clients. LinkedIn allows businesses to create a focused network centered on their business objective and requirements.

Therefore, in order to leverage the best that LinkedIn has to offer, businesses need to strike a good first impression; i.e. spruce up their company profile page to turn it into an effective business generating source.

Business Logo and Banner Image

The business logo and banner image are the two elements by which your brand will be recognized. The logo used on your LinkedIn profile should be the same one that you use for all your marketing collateral and websites. Your brand’s logo will be displayed next to your profile in search results and in your employees’ individual profile pages.

Your banner image, on the other hand, can be used in a variety of ways to represent the company’s core values and branding. Choosing a photo or picture of your actual team or office premises instead of a stock image can lend authenticity to your brand.

You can also use the banner image to promote a special campaign or offer that your brand is currently running. However, keep the design elements that define your brand such as color themes and font styles, so that the visuals are consistent with your other social networking profiles and business branding.

Optimized Company Description

Next to the branding images, your company description also contributes to the impression that visitors will have of your business. Your profile should therefore reflect every aspect that makes it an attractive prospect for any visitor, whether it’s a prospective client looking for business or a job-seeker seeking prospective employment. So, make these 2000 characters really count.

Additionally, since LinkedIn’s company pages are SEO-friendly; search engines preview up to 156 characters of your company’s profile in their search results. So, take diligent care in crafting a unique profile that is keyword-rich and expressive. Never, ever, ever just copy the ‘About Us’ section of your website!

Choose Your Specialties Carefully

Add the keywords to your specialties sections with care. These are the keywords that will define your business, and will enable your visitors to find your company’s page in relevant searches.

Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are sub-pages of your company’s profile which can be used to showcase key products, business initiatives or campaigns. These pages can be used to drive targeted engagement to your business. These pages have their own individual audience, analytics and content. LinkedIn users can follow these individual pages instead of the company’s main profile for more focused content on their feeds. Just as with your company’s profile page, the service description on showcase pages are SEO-friendly, and so care should be taken to draft a keyword-rich 200-character description.

Status Updates

Posting regular updates - just as you would with any other social network - is a key aspect of managing a good LinkedIn social profile. Hubspot recommends posting at least two updates on LinkedIn every day. Regular updates on your profile can help increase your reach and relevance within the LinkedIn network and draw a larger audience to your business.

The content you share should also stand out in the news feed of your followers; add a visual element like an image, infographic or video to attract more eyeballs to your content and increase content shares among your network.

LinkedIn also allows you to choose your targeting options before posting an update, as to whether you want the general audience, i.e everyone who follows your page or a targeted section of the audience to view the post. Targeting options include company size, function, geography and language.

Engage With Your Audience

There’s simply no point in posting regular updates and sporting a spiffy company page if you do not engage with your audience and followers. Today’s businesses are based on strong customer relationships, and customer-engagement is a cornerstone of that relationship.

Set your notification options for when customers like, share and comment on your posts, and respond immediately to these actions. This will eventually help in building a sense of trust and reliability among your network. You can also ask your employees to join your company page and encourage them to respond to customers and visitors who engage with your page.

Building a successful social media campaign on any platform centers on ensuring that every aspect of your profile is geared towards presenting a transparent and engaging brand image. LinkedIn is no exception to this. In fact, one could venture to say that being a business-oriented platform makes LinkedIn the ideal platform to grow a business, and failing to capitalize on it could actually prove costly for some businesses.

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