How to Optimize Your Company’s Website for Yelp

In the old days, nothing was more helpful than that big book of Yellow Pages which had the listings for all the local company businesses. Since the advent of the Internet, all of this has moved online, and there are few sites more popular than Yelp. Not only does it provide listing information, but does a whole lot more than the old big yellow book can do. Yelp is a great way to decrease page abandonment! They also include pictures, map locations, and user reviews so you can decide if this is the right place for you. As a business, Yelp can be an invaluable tool, so you want to be sure you are listed and have an advertisement. From here, optimizing your company’s website for Yelp advertising is determined by how well you follow these tips.


What industry are you in?

Most of us associate Yelp with restaurants. And while these tend to be the most popular Yelp listings, that doesn’t mean they are the only ones. Yelp streams across the board from computer repair to dance lessons and so much more. Check for your industry and gauge how popular it is for your area and determine from there how you can optimize your company’s website for Yelp. Follow these yelp facts business owners should know.


Response Time

To look good on the platform, it is all about response time. It is essential to respond to quotes as quickly as possible to optimize your company’s website for Yelp. Now, this may be tricky if someone sends a message at 3 am, but for the most part, as long as you and a couple of team members are assigned to it, you should be able to cover nearly 24 hours a day.



Images are what truly separates Yelp from the blocky old phone book. They let users directly see what your business and its services. Make sure you include clear images and text describing what the image is. Likewise, encourage your reviewers to submit their pictures along with descriptions as well.



You’ll be allowed to choose many keywords to associate with your business. These keywords, or SEOs, help people find your business on Yelp's search function. Just as with your images, both you and your reviewers should be encouraged to use them. This will help with your search ranking, so you climb over your competitors.

The Right Time of Day

Take a look at your platform’s google analytics. You want to run your Yelp advertisements at the same time of day your website is most popular. This is because you have a more significant chance of grasping a broader audience who may similarly be interested in whatever your company offers.


Yelp advertising is ideally suited for small and medium businesses. As such, you are likely on a limited budget for how much you can advertise. For this reason, before you commit to a serious campaign, you should experiment a little with keywords, target audience, location and so on. These will help you optimize your website for Yelp to get the right campaign for the best conversion results.


Help Your Platform Grow

Whether Yelp advertising will be useful or not is really up to you. By optimizing your company’s website for Yelp, if you target the right audience and create the ideal campaign, you’ll not only see your customer base grow but also naturally increase your word-of-mouth advertising. Nothing gets better than that!


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