How Chat Bots Can Optimize Your Lead Generation Strategy

Have you talked to a Chat Bot before?


If you’ve surfed the web and a pop-up appeared with an invisible person named Peggy typing a message, then you’ve surely experienced a chatbot at least once in your life.


What Are Chat Bots and What Can You Use Them For?


Chatbots are computer programs which mimic human interaction with an individual user or a group of users all at once.


They also come in different forms.


The most popular ones are virtual assistants from today’s giant tech companies - Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant. Others are virtual helpers that pop up on websites, emails, or messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber.


Chatbots are meant to make our lives easier by providing data to answer questions without the need for human intervention. They store a significant amount of information in their systems programmed to be dispensed according to what we need.


Do you want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow? How far is the nearest pizza joint in your area? How do you travel from point A to point B? How do you obtain a quote for your tool shed project? How old is Jason Momoa and is he still single?


Thank your lucky stars. Chatbots are there at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How Do Businesses Benefit From Chat Bots?


If you’re a business owner, you may wonder how chatbots can help with your marketing campaign or how they can penetrate messenger apps, where customers are largely engaged in private conversations.


You might also think chatbots are there merely to cut your overhead expenses. They can definitely take the place of some of your customer service employees for answering frequently asked questions. However, chatbots can be used for much more.


More businesses are now using chatbots for lead generation. Recent utilizations of these virtual helpers are on the rise with statistics to prove their value. They support growth and profitability, not just of giant corporations but also of small and mid-sized businesses.


By 2017, Facebook Messenger already hosted 100,000 bots on their platform with an average of two billion messages exchanged a month between businesses and potential customers.


Today, businesses can promote an ad through Facebook Messenger, as well and engage their users through customized virtual assistants These chatbots go beyond simple customer service assistance. They have the capability to drive potential sales conversions.


And customers welcome the extra help.


According to a recent study on chatbots, 87% of customers surveyed were very satisfied when it came to getting help with money transactions, while 86% found high satisfaction on getting assistance for product purchases.



chat bots for lead generation



Optimizing Your Chat Bot For Lead Generation


There are many ways to employ chatbots to establish great customer service and drive sales for your business. In fact, the use of chatbots for lead generation is a growing trend among businesses who want to maximize their engagement with a potential customer.


Here are 5 effective ways to optimize chatbots for lead generation:


1. Chat Bot as a Landing Page


If you want to capture potential customers and engage them more than ever before, you can set your chatbot as a landing page. When chatbots replace forms, you can expect an increase of up to 33% in leads.


However, when you make your entire landing page into a chat bot, you can see up to a 4x higher conversion rate. Rather than a lifeless form, you chatbot acts as a virtual assistant that can address queries and gathers important CRM information for future reference.


There are customized chatbot automation tools that can help you do this easily, even if you don’t have coding experience. By directing your potential customers to your chatbot, you can use the effective conversational interface design to suit your specific goals. You can also re-engage a user to complete their information, unlike with a form.


For more conversion rate tips, check out our Success Tips For Mobile Conversion Rates blog.


2. Chat Bots on Facebook


Facebook has an estimated 2.32 billion users on a monthly basis since the last quarter of 2018, making it one of the most coveted platforms to conquer among businesses. You can tap into this market by integrating your chatbot on Facebook Messenger.


Through this chatbot, you can send content, promotions, and other information to your potential customers, as well as provide a virtual assistant to those who want to engage in your business. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can incorporate your chatbot on Facebook.


In addition to that, you can include an opt-in chat message on your Facebook ads to identify qualified leads. Once you’ve engaged this lead, it’s time to store and utilize that data.


3. Generate and Store Information About your Customers


Remember when you used to conduct surveys or consumer research to gain insights about your target customers? With chatbots, you have the ability to easily gather information from users who engage in conversation with your virtual customer service representative. You can integrate your chatbot leads directly into your CRM.


By asking productive questions, you will generate a goldmine of data, which can be be useful in analyzing customer behavior in terms of buying patterns, cart abandonment, problems encountered, what they like and don’t like about your products, where they’re located, and other valuable data to aid in your decision making processes.


4. Evaluate Your Chat Bot Analytics


Once you’ve gathered significant data, you’ll be able to extract valuable information to help design your marketing platforms that increase conversion rates, qualify leads, and help your sales team in driving revenues for your business.


If you notice frequent error messages, this is a sign you need to optimize your bot and provide it with more information. You can also allow for users to rate your chatbot and get their valuable feedback. Finally, session length can be a good metric so see how engaging your chatbot is. Adding in some personality and playfulness is a great way to make each session an enjoyable experience.


5. Improve Your Billing Processes


You can significantly cut time and manpower to handle payment and collection issues through chatbots. Make your customers happy by providing a hassle-free, fast, easy and convenient way of doing online transactions without human intervention.


CNG Digital Marketing Is Excited About Chat Bots


Chatbots are the hottest rockstars in today’s business industry. They offer many exciting lead generation techniques. Utilized properly, they will boost your marketing, customer acquisition and retention, brand awareness, customer engagement, growth, innovation, sales, and profitability.



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