How to Optimize Hashtags on Social Media for a Small Business


Hashtags are with us to stay, but that does not mean that small businesses are creating hashtags to maximum effect. If you plan to use hashtag campaigns to promote your small business enterprise in an effort to generate sales, a good understanding of the hashtag concept will certainly prove beneficial.



With the exception of LinkedIn, hashtags are simply keywords prefaced by a #, so nothing complicated about that. They are used on many social media platforms, which means users’ should be acquainted with the specific rules applying to hashtag usage on each social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, for example.

The use of a hashtag helps drive the message you want followers to discover easily once in the public domain. Bear in mind that while it is okay to use numeric characters or numbers in your content, the use of spaces or blanks and special characters or symbols does not work.



Nobody understands your business better than you do, or so we hope. Thinking out of the box for clever ways to associate your product or service with something that people connect with naturally should come easily:


  1. Choose Your Hashtag Carefully - If you are a supplier of catering equipment, then it follows that your feed could include tweets with #recipes
  2. Keep your Message Short - Limit the character length of your hashtags, or you will have insufficient space left to make your content interesting. Long hashtags target specific audiences, so most users are not actively searching for them
  3. Create Your Own Event – We hear about conventions all the time, but your event can be a contest or giveaway, an invitation to visit your business or have lunch. Many events will appeal to your target audience. Trending hashtags include #giveaway, #contest, and #freebie
  4. Engage in Tweet / Live Blog Events – Industry events normally have engaging, lively hashtags. By joining in, you are connecting and mixing with industry leaders and interested onlookers. Great exposure…
  5. Catch a Chat – Joining a chat is a great way to meet new people, many of whom are influencers. Even joining a chat hosted by a competitor can connect you with new friends. Remember though, chats are not the right place for sales talk or business promotion. Start your own chat if you cannot find an appropriate industry chat

As you can see, the how to optimize hashtags on social media is not at all complicated as long as you follow the basic rules. Here are some real hashtag booboos that you should avoid at all costs:

- Avoid the use of promos in tragic events – Apart from being incredibly insensitive, you run the risk of your campaign going viral for the wrong reasons
- Avoid ‘Already Used’ Keywords - Keywords already associated with other users, such as celebs, TV shows or movies will not bring the results you were hoping for
- Keep it Short and Sweet – You only get 140 characters to impart your message…

That wraps it up and gives you enough to know how to optimize hashtags on social media. Connect with your preferred Digital Marketing Agency if you remain unsure.

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