Online Marketing to Boost Sales Revenue

Here at CNG Digital Marketing, we are often contacted by panicked business owners who are anxious about their poor sales numbers. It can be pretty discouraging for businesses which are largely driven by online sales revenues. And we get it: today’s customers are harder to convince and easier to lose; the usual aggressive marketing tactics that worked previously don’t translate well to the current landscape.

Streamline Marketing Efforts To Reach the Right Audience

The easiest place to start kicking those stagnant sales into action is to further your marketing efforts to expand your customer reach. But, this requires careful and diligent market research to ensure that your marketing efforts are reaching the right audience. Your current ad marketing tools can actually be pushed to streamline your audience and achieve better sales conversions on your website:

  • Ad Extensions in both Google Adwords and Bing Ads that allow you to create ads that include extra information - such as special offers, product ratings, reviews, contact number, product variations - in your ad.
  • Use Google Adwords’ Ad Customizers to create unique, tailored ads that include dynamic elements like sales countdowns, discounted rates, brand variations, etc.. These are ideal for when you want to inform customers of your latest offers, deals and discounts in real time.  
  • Leverage tools offered by social media platforms like Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences and Twitter’s Tailored Audiences.

Personalization: Make it About the Customer

Digital marketing experts will tell you that these days it’s not about convincing a broad customer-base, it’s about convincing the individual buyer to buy your product. Personalized email strategies can target users based on their behavior on your website to further entice them into making a purchase.

Abandoned Cart Users

Generating a personalized email when the user adds a product(s) to their cart, but doesn’t follow through with a purchase. The e-mail can be populated by the contents of their abandoned cart, prompting them to complete their purchase.

Casual Browsers/Visitors

Personalized e-mails targeting users who browsed a particular category of products on your website without making a purchase. Even timed pop-up windows featuring newsletter options or exclusive deal options have been shown to be effective.

Previous Customers

Email re-targeting for cross-selling and upselling purposes to encourage users to purchase other items they might be interested in based on their purchase history on your site.

Any user activity that can be tracked on your website can be used to generate a potential sales opportunity through personalized email campaigns.

Work on Your Content Too: Brevity and Honesty

Whether it’s writing ad-copy or a product description page, you need to be honest and concise about what you’re offering.  Today’s users are easily put off by hyperbole and exaggerations.

  • Keep your content brief and focus more on your value proposition rather than generic product and offer descriptions.
  • Even if you have a broad range of products, stick to displaying only two or three of those on the home page. The more products you try to push, the lesser will be the impact on potential buyers. You don’t want to overwhelm them.  

Reassurance Begets Trust, Trust Begets Sales

When you’re a business that relies hugely on online sales, you’ll need to ensure that your customers know that it’s safe to do business on your website.  Building credibility on your site is crucial to customer loyalty.

  • New customers largely rely on previous customer reviews and testimonials - also known as User Generated Content - as credibility indications. So, ensure that your website prominently displays genuine user testimonials and reviews from real customers on your site.
  • Encourage customers to provide feedback and testimonials. You can do this through:
    • exit feedback forms,
    • product review and rating forms on each product page,
    • special offers and incentives for providing feedback on your products
  • Include any credible verifications and certifications that you’ve received to increase the trust level.  

Special Offers: Entice Your Customers to Buy NOW!

Another way to boost sales is to encourage your customers to take advantage of limited offers and discounts immediately. The key is knowing when to present these offers to tempt a positive action from the customer. For instance:

  • Including a time-limited offer for a discount at checkout, but only if they complete the purchase within a certain time-limit.
  • Including a free offer/bonus product if their purchase is made before a certain time/day when they return to your site.

Marketing relies largely on intuition and its success rates are largely dependent on the ever-changing trends in customer behavior and activity. So, a marketing strategy that’s centered primarily around the customer is bound to generate higher sales than one which is centered on the business.

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