Tips and Tricks on Creating the Ultimate Marketing Strategy for a Fitness Gym

As with most new business creations, many fitness enthusiasts kick their venture off with the wrong marketing strategy and see their fitness dreams evaporate before their eyes. The aim of this article is to put forward some marketing tips based on tried and trusted methods. Introducing these strategies – we call them 4 of the best - could be the shortcut to success, leaving you time to train and bond with clients.


Four of the Best Fitness Center Marketing Strategies


1. Walk the Talk with Your Marketing

 You may regard yourself as a fitness expert, which is great. You need to promote this message at every opportunity. Could it be that your lifestyle does not seriously project an image of a fitness expert? Would you connect well with a bald barber when it comes to choosing a specific hairstyle or be at ease with your dental practitioner with bad teeth? Of course not! Similarly, if you are not in good shape because of cardio issues, your fitness center marketing plan is probably southbound.


2. Follow Your Precious Leads with a Golden Carrot

Everyone alive loves an incentive. When you sign up for judo, the color of the belt is all that matters. In other words, the reward to each client needs to be tangible and, of course, achievable. A good way to set out your stall is to offer a free upfront consultation for measuring each new client’s vital signs. Then you assign them a fitness program and check the pulse and breathing rates, after say six weeks of intensive exercise under your tutorship. This is a win-win model!




3. Client Communication and Recognition are Vital

From our formative early days at school, we all love to be recognized. You know, hand straight up in the air, ready to brag about something. Creating a gym forum on your favorite social media platform is a great place to encourage newcomers to your fitness center to exchange their progress reviews. Like-minded clients will quickly form lasting relationships and it is all down to your brilliant idea. This opens the door to newsletters and even competitions and word soon spreads that you are way out in front with your fitness center marketing. Don’t forget the personal touch with each and every client – not too personal though!


4. Stretch Yourself With Your Fitness Pledges

That’s right, go the extra mile and talk to each lead passionately. Make them want to be part of your fitness gym program. Treat new leads as you would want to be treated because this builds respect and improves your chances of signing them up. Answer any questions openly and honestly. This all helps to garner interest in the product you aim to sell, which is, of course getting bums on seats of your wide range of gym equipment. Ultimately, you are going to guide your clients to better health, while also building lasting friendships. Never promise something you either cannot or do not plan to deliver.


Building Your Fitness Center Marketing from Scratch

All new businesses have to start somewhere and each venture requires a workable marketing strategy if it is going to succeed. The health industry is a multi-trillion dollar business right across the world, which relies on successful fitness center marketing plans, as well as many other business interfaces. Passion and commitment are both essential to your great idea. Brought to you by CNG Digital Marketing, San Diego.


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