5 Ecommerce Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Every e-commerce business has two main aims: to increase sales and to sell higher value items. The problem is that many strategies take long to implement or you need to wait to see results. The following e-commerce marketing ideas, however, are possible to incorporate into your strategy immediately.


1. Upsell to Customers

Upselling involves offering customers an upgraded version of the product they already intend to purchase. Although some online retailers focus on cross-selling (selling a related product in addition to what the customer is buying), upselling is more than 20 times more effective, according to Predictive Intent.

To use upselling effectively, you need to make the benefits of the upgrade clear. State the differences and show how these better meet the customer’s needs. Make sure that your upsell is closely related to the original product and has a reasonable price difference.


2. Add Visitors to Your Mailing List

You are missing out on a huge number of opportunities if you expect those who visit your website to purchase without any nurturing. By inviting prospects to an email newsletter, you can keep marketing to them until they are ready to buy. This involves placing email signup forms in strategic places on your website, offering premium content that requires an email address to download, and adding exit popups.


3. Show Your Offerings on Social Media

Many users turn to social media platforms like Instagram to search for inspiration and products. This is especially true for Millennials, meaning that if this age group is part of your target audience, it is particularly important to have a strong social media presence.

Publishing at the right time and using the correct hashtags is critical. However, you will be even more successful if you involve your followers in your efforts. Post stories and pictures of customers using your products, hold contests and share user-created content.


4. Present Your Products in Action

Videos of products give users a better idea of how it would be to own an item. This is especially helpful when it may be unclear how a product works. You can also show how products are beneficial, give customers new ideas about how to use products, and answer the most asked questions about items.


5. Recover Abandoned Carts

Adding items to shopping carts shows an intention to buy. This is much closer to a conversion than a new visitor to your website who is just browsing products. You need to take advantage of this opportunity. An abandoned cart should activate an exit popup, ideally offer a discount or another type of deal, such as free shipping. If you have the customer’s email address, you can also send a reminder message.


Although all these tips are possible to implement on your own, they do require resources and a good understanding of marketing concepts. Most businesses find that they are able to save time and money by using a digital marketing agency. With an agency, you have the added advantage that someone is committed to measuring the impact of your strategy and will make the necessary changes for the best possible results.


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