4 Perks of Choosing a Local Marketing Agency in San Diego

If you’re someone who wants to optimize your marketing strategy, you likely have a lot of tools at your disposal. Whether you working by yourself or you have a team helping you, you are always going to run into projects you need to outsource for. This is where digital marketing agencies come in. They offer expertise and experience that is very useful for small businesses trying to market themselves.

But should you go with a completely remote digital marketing agency? A team of people you’ll never meet in real life? Or should you choose a local marketing agency with a team you can have face to face correspondence with? We argue the latter, and here are a few reasons why.


1. Competitive Edge

When you choose to work with a local marketing agency, you are denying your competitors the opportunity to work with that same agency. There are typically very few local agencies with enough expertise to compete with bigger more remote names, so if you can snag one before your competitors do, it could give you a big advantage in the area.

2. Better Communication and Accountability

If there’s anything you lose with a remote-hire, its accountability. It’s just harder for a lot of people to feel the same commitment to a team of people they’ve never met, versus people who they know and interact with in real life. By going local, you can almost guarantee a higher amount of loyalty and dedication from your employees.

You also retain the ability to really clear-up instructions for important work, rather than having to explain through a text to a remote worker. Some things are just easier to explain in person and reduce the number of misunderstandings by communicating face-to-face with your team. Many people are visual learners and can get things mixed up with exclusively text-based instructions.

Another benefit of going local is being able to clarify the direction of your company with your team. In addition to being better for giving instructions, face-to-face communication is also better for giving people an overall picture of where you see your company heading, and at what pace. You can really improve somebody’s day-to-day work-pace by giving them a face-to-face speech that imbues them with the same enthusiasm you have.


3. Home Field Advantage

Hiring a local marketing agency means you’ll be privy to specific tips and tricks that will only work in your area. A local team will be familiar with all the best avenues and highest traffic places to market your business. They know where people are gathering and what spots get the most attention. Having that specific local knowledge is really invaluable when it comes to marketing in one specific area of your business headquarters.

Marketing strategies tend to vary from region to region, and town to town. A remote marketing agency may have a lot more experience in web-based marketing and not much knowledge about local marketing. They likely won’t be able to get you top-notch results in a specific place like a town or city.





4. More Brain Power and Teamwork

By hiring a local marketing agency, you and your team will now have another set of brains to come up with solutions to your promotion problems. Sometimes a business can get stuck in one way of thinking or looking at their problem, and it takes another team of local experts to come in and give them a different perspective. The different angle from which a local team can attack your problem may be just the solution you need. They are able to come up with different content marketing formats and other different ways to build your SEO. More often than not, hiring a local team quickly results in a breakthrough for business owners.


Expanding your Business 

All businesses need a digital marketing strategy nowadays if they want to thrive. And a digital marketing agency can help expand a business. But some choose to go with a remote team, and some choose to go with an agency. By going local you can ensure that your instructions and communication, in general, will be much clearer and easier to implement. Local teams also have knowledge about your region that remote teams aren’t privy to, a knowledge that can give you a serious leg up on your competitors. Overall it’s probably a good idea to go with a local marketing agency in San Diego if that’s your business headquarters.

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