Restaurant 101: The Importance of Keyword Mapping for Your Website

If you are new to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world, then you probably do not know about Keywords and their importance. Keywords act as a foundation for serving your site as well as your content. Not only do they increase your ranking but the right keywords increase traffic, helping you flourish your restaurant business. Creating a keyword map will allow for your restaurant to become visible when someone searches for related keywords that are relevant to your business. With SEO, you can increase not only the visits to your website but also the visits to your restaurant.

If thought out thoroughly, the mapping can both increase traffic and lower your bounce rate benchmark. Taking time to process and plan the right unique keywords is key to SEO.

Let us get the most important thing out of the way:

What Is Keyword Mapping?


Keyword mapping can be explained by brainstorming keywords and assigning them to specific pages within your restaurant's website. Finding the right keywords allow you to create new content or pages that are not supported by your website structure. This also increases the relevancy of your page.

To accomplish keyword mapping, the process is very simple. There are two steps that help you complete your keyword mapping, one is keyword research and the other is checking for relevancy.


Keyword Research


Keyword research is an important part of mapping because you need to know what keywords you are relevant to your site. You must gather all keywords that may match your product and website. If you have an Italian restaurant, think of using words like traditional Italian food or Italian cuisine. Think outside of your box and look beyond the keywords with the highest rankings especially those that your competitors use. 

Keywords you choose must be unique and used less by your competitors and more by the users. The more distinct a keyword is the more likely you are to increase the right amount of traffic. This is especially true for your restaurant business, so get creative with your keywords. 




Relevancy is very important in the whole process of keyword mapping because Search engines are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality of work that is most relevant to the users. It plays an important part in ranking as well; you should keep in mind that for being in the high ranks, your website must be of high-quality relevant content, with strong internal linking. In order to have this type of content make sure to include pictures or even short, but interesting blog posts of your restaurant. 


Why Is Keyword Mapping Important?


  • Mapping not only focuses on the content but also focuses on your digital marketing strategy. The map becomes the backbone of your digital strategy when people search for content related to your restaurant.
  • Keyword mapping gives you content marketing direction. Instead of being a website selling something, you can be the website of a resource which people turn to and this is only possible by providing relevant content.
  • It helps you to figure out what your current position in the market is. Mapping shows you the ranking opportunities that can help you target more audience and expand your business as well.
  • It pairs keywords to your whole site and helps you to see where the customer searches fit. This is very helpful when you are trying to position your restaurant brand.

Setting up the right keywords and proper keyword mapping brings success for a restaurant business’s digital campaigns. Don’t forget to spend a good time developing the relevant keywords, as well as doing SEO maintenance,  your restaurant will flourish and you will have a strong backbone to your online presence.


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