5 Reasons Why Instagram Advertising Has a Better ROI than Facebook

A picture is worth a thousand words!

If you want to increase your brand awareness online, you don’t just have to rely on SEO. With so many people using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can get the word out about your business on social media. But which social media site should you focus your marketing efforts on? Instagram of course! The photo sharing social network is getting more popular than Facebook.

Instagram Users Engage With Brands More Frequently

The majority of Facebook users get annoyed when they see brand advertisements on their news feeds. If you advertise your business on Facebook, it’s unlikely that many users will even pay attention. Instagram is a different story. Did you know that 68 percent of Instagram users engage with brands on a regular basis? If you expose your brand on Instagram, many more users will be excited to see your posts and share them with their friends.

Too Many Marketers Use Facebook

To put it bluntly, Facebook marketing is oversaturated. With 93 percent of marketers using Facebook, it’s highly unlikely that users will even notice your brand. There’s still plenty of room for your brand on Instagram though. Just 36 percent of marketers use Instagram, so you have a lot of advantage.

Instagram Advertising Reaches More Younger User

Instagram users are under 30. If your product or service is geared toward the younger generation, you will benefit the most from Instagram advertising. Younger people will get excited about new products that make their life easier and buy from your company.

Instagram Can Reach More Followers

There are many ad blockers on Facebook, so your followers probably won’t see the majority of your posts. Did you know that companies that advertise on Facebook only reach 6 percent of their followers per post? Brands who use Instagram advertising, on the other hand, reach 100 percent of their followers.

Instagram Has More Valuable Users

As a marketer, you can see why it makes more sense to advertise on a platform that makes your business the most money. An engaged Instagram follower’s order value is $10 more than a Facebook follower’s.

Advertising on Instagram can help your business grow bigger than ever. One way you can stand out from other brands is to hire a professional photographer to take original images for your Instagram page.

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