12 Tips to Increase Web Traffic with Google+

Add this tool to your digital marketing strategy

If you’re trying to improve your web rankings, you business could benefit and increase web traffic with Google+. Everyone uses Google and a good portion of potential customers use the search engine to research companies and products. The bad news is that you need to rank on the first page (sometimes people click to the second or third) to be seen. The good news is that including Google+ to your digital marketing and content strategy definitely improves search engine rankings. You can use its many features and elements to build your online presence and authority to increase leads and conversions.

  • Create a Personal Google+ Profile to Build Upon Your Business Page

Revealing that there’s a human face behind the curtain of your business helps increase your brand’s authority and name in general. People will associate you with your business and vice versa. This can be helpful in creating brand awareness and showcasing company culture. If people like what you’re about, they’ll most likely become loyal to your company.

  • Use Google+ to Post High-Value Content

Education is a valuable tool. People will respect you if they can learn from you. Micro-Blogging with help increase web traffic with Google+. Remember to format properly.

  • Widen Your Circle

Reach out to relevant people and businesses. Expand your network. Map industry influencers and engage with them directly (Ripples).

  • Make it Meaningful

Sincerity will go a long way. Engage in discussions, conversations, comment on other articles, and mention the right people. It’s all about who you know. Link yourself to important people and businesses.

  • Monitor Trending Topics and Add to the Discussion

Be constructive with your posts. Spam will lead you nowhere. If others see you as a valuable voice and asset to the conversation, they will most likely view your business in those terms as well.

  • Find your Target Audience

You can do extensive research and recon on potential target audiences, therefore your will increase web traffic with Google+.

  • Build Authority and Increase Web Traffic with Google+

Hangouts-on-air are like live-stream discussion webinars. If you can get people to participate, you have essentially created a free press opportunity for your business.

  • #Hashtags

If you don’t know how the use of hashtags can increase web traffic (with Google+) then you need to start over at square one. They're like keywords for search engine optimization (SEO). Make it an integral component to your inbound marketing strategy. #selfexplanatory.

  • Evergreen Content and Updates

Google loves new content. Your potential customers do too. There’s a reason why search engine results also like the publishing date. The current and most up-to-date content reigns king.

  • Email signature (CTAs) + Author rank
  • Build Communities

Being cool involves joining the right clubs. Follow the rules of the community and contribute - it’ll pay off. Remember, it’s all about who you know.

  • Link Back to Your Business Blog and Website

This is a surefire way to increase web traffic with Google+

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