How to Crush the Competition with your Health Services SEO

If you're trying to increase the number of clients at your local practice by improving your online presence, you probably heard of health services SEO. The most important aspect of search engine optimization for healthcare practices like chiropractors, detox clinics, and physical therapy offices is local. That's because the vast majority of your business comes from people who live near your practice even if you're well known elsewhere.

Local health services SEO is all about dominance over your competitors. When someone searches for "provider near me," topping off the list of search results will significantly improve the chances of that person visiting your office. There are several tactics you can use to reach this objective.


Claim Your My Business Listing in Google



Google My Business Listings provide fundamental information about your practice, such as phone number, office hours, and address, which makes it clear to searchers that you're operational. Claiming your listing is simple and can have a significant impact on your local presence. Since a vast majority of people use Google for searching, this should be your first local SEO step.


Use Regional Keywords

Regional keywords tell search engines what your business is and your location. If you're a physical therapist in Austin, Texas, using the keyword "physical therapist in Austin, TX" is essential. In fact, that's likely to be the exact phrase many people use when searching for your type of practice in your area. If your city or metro has a commonly used nickname, such as Chicagoland, you might want to use it in your keywords as well.


List Your Business in Directories

There are lots of websites that serve as a directory for local healthcare providers, and you should get listed on the popular ones to improve your web presence. For example, these are the top ranking sites that list chiropractors:

  • Perfect Patients
  • National Directory of Chiropractic
  • Find a Chiropractor.Com
  • US Chiropractic Directory
  • American Chiropractic Association

The key here is to find the right directories for your type of practice or location. The more high-quality sites that link to your website, the better your organic search results will be.

You'll also benefit from the listing itself.


Develop Backlinks



Backlinking is one of the most critical aspects of positive SEO impacts for your business, and health and wellness SEO is no different.

The concept here is very similar to the previous section on directories, but now we're looking to create links to your website at sites with high authority.

These can be relevant industry associations, news sites, government pages, other businesses and favorite blogs. Guest posting is one of the best strategies to get a backlink, especially for medical professionals who have a lot of knowledge to offer.


Get Some Good Reviews



When people can't get a provider recommendation from a friend or family member, they turn to online reviews.

If your practice is lacking quality reviews in Google, Yelp, or other rating sites, start asking your patients if they'll contribute. You can do this by simply asking for positive reviews from happy patients, or you can use software that automatically sends out emails requesting reviews from patients after their visits. Don't offer incentives in exchange for reviews as it can count against you if discovered.


Improve Your Mobile Presence

More and more people are doing their searches through their mobile devices, so you want to make sure your presence on a smartphone looks polished and professional.

In the web development industry, this is known as responsiveness. A responsive website is one that looks good on screens of any size. You can either find a template that satisfies this requirement or hire a health and wellness SEO firm that has web development experts on staff.


Create Educational Content

As a healthcare provider, earning trust with your audience is one of the most effective ways to acquire new patients. If you offer valuable information about your practice area on your site, YouTube channel, or social media account, people will turn to you when they need real help.

For example, many visits to a chiropractor start off with searches related to back pain. A chiropractor who offers valuable information about back pain causes and solutions will likely become a trusted authority on back pain. When it comes time for treatment, they will know whom to trust.

Health and wellness SEO may seem like a daunting task, but you can accomplish your goals by taking everything one step at a time. Even if results don't come overnight, your efforts to improve SEO will pay off in the long run. Persistence is key. While some practices handle everything themselves, many healthcare providers achieve excellent results by hiring best-rated SEO professionals.


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