How to Get Featured with Google Rich Snippets

Exactly one second from now, before you can even read the next sentence in this article, approximately 40,000 search queries have already been processed by Google.


This is the reason why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is huge among digital marketers.


Every entrepreneur seems driven to capitalize on the massive opportunity to be indexed higher on search engines, particularly Google searches, and get their brands discovered by billions of internet users all over the world.


Google Introduces Rich Snippets


In 2009, Google Rich Snippets were introduced enabling search queries to yield more visually appealing search engine results with richer snippets of information visible to the searcher at a glance.


Google pulls the information from the source’s website through structured data markup and displays them on the search engine results page (SERP). These structured data must be incorporated in the website and all Google has to do is access them so they register on the website’s info as displayed on SERP.


To illustrate, let’s say you’re thinking of cooking dinner at home tonight, on your precious day-off from work, and you’re craving pasta. So you go to Google to search for pasta recipes. You fancy something creamy so you type in Creamy Pasta on the search field.



As soon as you click on search, you notice that Google gives you a selection of different pasta recipes from different sources with enticing pictures of the delicious recipes next to tidbits of key information that will help you click on which result appeals to you the most.


Through Google Rich Snippets, SERP will yield a comprehensive list of sources that come with key data. In the case of your creamy pasta search, the list comes with reviews in the form of votes or star ratings, the amount of time it will approximately take you to cook the dish, and the amount of calories per serving.


By giving you these rich snippets of information, you are able to choose the best source that displays what you’re looking for.


Marketers, on the other hand, need to effectively embed the structured data on their websites needed to attract more clicks from searchers. If you run a website, you can make your site more appealing to Google searchers by utilizing rich snippets.


You can use them to your advantage by providing tidbits of important information that you feel will entice potential customers to click on your site first before exploring the rest of the choices listed in the same SERP.


Types of Rich Snippets aims to set the standard on what descriptive tags must be added to the HTML (schemas) so you can properly embed or incorporate structured data on the website.


Google, in turn, can access the embedded data so the correct information through structured data markup can be properly displayed on the SERP.


According to, the more popular types of rich snippets are restaurants, local businesses, persons, organizations, events, and creative works such as movies, recipes, music, books and the like.


If you want to customize your rich snippets further so they display your info in the most appealing format to your potential customers, you may tap into rich snippets on Stories on Google AMP, Carousels which is ideal for recipes, or Business Information which displays locations, brief info, and phone numbers in a box.


Google has other formats you can try, but you will have to embed the correct structured data on your website to achieve the look that you prefer.


Why Utilize Rich Snippets?


A picture says a thousand words and is eye candy to a Google searcher. With enticing images next to the source’s key information that acts like a sneak peek; your site on SERP becomes more captivating to anyone looking for information.


Your structured site can lead to more traffic through an increased click through rate. And because you’re displaying key information that you think your potential customers are looking for, it may also lead to reduced bounces.


The more you stand out, the better your chance to be favored over the rest of the sources in the SERP which could lead to higher SEO ranking over time as you may become the go-to source by searchers-turned-customers in the long run.


How to Optimize your Content through Rich Snippets


1. Use Your Preferred Schema


Use to embed the appropriate structured data in your website as discussed earlier in this article.


Pick the one that suits your brand or product best so you can optimize your site. Make sure your rich snippets are captivating searchers to click through your site first versus the rest of your competition on Google’s SERP.


2. Test Your Rich Snippets


You have to test your rich snippets to ensure you appear on SERP the way you want to appear. Just because you’ve embedded your desired structured data in your website doesn't mean it will translate to the rich snippets.


Always review the quality of your site on SERP after you’ve embedded your structured data.


3. Use Google's Instructions


Google provides instructions and tools so you can properly test the accuracy of the codes you’ve embedded in your website through structured data. Use them to your advantage.


4. Be Intentional And Compelling With Your Rich Snippet Content


While there’s no solid formula on how to get featured on Google, having an enticing appearance on SERP will increase your chances of ranking high on search results.


Using FAQs to answer potential questions from searchers in your niche, incorporating the proper keywords, H2 tags, and meta data that resonate with Google’s ranking standards definitely helps.


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