Why is Google Analytics Important

Don’t let tech terminology like “google analytics” deter you from your digital marketing task, especially when google analytics is such a simple concept to understand. Google is the website where we go to look for information and get distracted by advertisements. And what about analytics? Well, they are simply metrics a bot turned into human form. But why is google analytics important to marketers?

Google is obsessed with measuring things. This results in piles of metrics that are the crude results of its observations. For example, every time we log on to CNN, Google adds another metric to what it knows about the news site. However, CNN does not want raw data. It wants to know where we came from, how we reached its site, and what browser we used on what kind of device.

CNN would also like to know which pages we visited, whether we read them, whether we followed any links, at what point we clicked away, and where we went to next. Analytics are simply aggregated metrics in a format we can understand and use. Google is the ‘inspector Clouseau’ of the internet, and you know why google analytics is important. It is elementary my dear Watson.


Why is Google Analytics Important? The Prime Reasons

Google produces reams of analytic reports. Some make web programmers sit up and purr, while others excite web designers. As marketers, we want to know what our leads are doing. Again, there are quite a few metrics. However, the following are the ones that really matter most.

    1. Website Traffic: Website traffic is the key output of all marketing effort in e-commerce. If we do not pull traffic from social media, guest posts, paid to advertise, and so on then, we have money down the drain. Google’s traffic analytics report on the things CNN also wants to know. Their value lies in comparing where we have come from, compared to where we are now.


    1. Bounce Rate: The Philae lander probe bounced off the comet because it collided with something it did not want to know. When we arrive on a website that is not right, we go back to where we came from. Since we want our users to be happy, it helps to know which page was a disappointment so we can fix the problem


  1. Popular Browsers: Firefox, Chrome and the rest of them are not all the same. They display colors and fonts differently. In an extreme case, they may even not display all our content. We can test for this by comparing the same page on two browsers side-by-side. If there is a significant difference, google analytics can tell us the popular browsers to favor.


Making the Point

There is still one more reason to come and perhaps it’s the most important of them all. Google analytics can report which keywords visitors use to get to our pages. Armed with that information we can truly optimize our website for them. This is the single most important answer to the question, why is google analytics important, if not essential for e-commerce.


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