Understanding the Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Tool

Conversion tracking in the display and search media space is the measurement of performance with regard to campaign key performance indicators (KPIs). Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Tool is undoubtedly the market leader in terms of its tracking abilities, as it goes about recording quantitative actions. It uses cross-referencing techniques with identified KPIs, as it measures success to gauge if the media inventory has achieved it's targeting parameters.


Measures of Success Common to Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking typically monitors these key performance indicators:

  • Click through rate – The ratio of visitors exposed to the actual advertisement, compared to viewers who clicked directly to the website
  • Conversion rate – Measures the ratio of orders to visitors
  • Drop off rate – The number of viewers that started the process but never completed
  • Registration rate: The ratio of website visitors who register compared to visitors leaving the site without registering again


Why you Need Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

If you are considering running an online ad campaign, you need to ensure that your advertisements, as well as their keywords, are going to generate the sort of click activity you expect. All good, but hold that thought. Unless you have an effective conversion tracker installed, you may find you are all alone in a dark space.

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking definitely makes sense if this describes your situation. Without this tool, it means that you will not see the number of clicks that made it to the ‘convert to sales’ bull’s eye. This, a devastating, not to mention demoralizing scenario.


The Power of Conversion Tracking

Google AdWords’ Conversion Tracking potential is a powerful ally in the online space. It enables you to identify the effectiveness of your ad campaign in terms of generating email sign-ups, marketing leads, sales, downloads, as well as other important considerations for your perfect business model.

The data tracked by the Google AdWords Conversion Tracking tool helps identify the specific areas of your campaign that are working and those that are not. This means you can optimize your keywords, bids, and ad text according to your needs.


Using Conversion Tracking - The Basics

If you plan a DIY, setting up the Google AdWords Conversion Tracking tool involves generating some HTML code that you need on your relevant webpage. This is the target zone for your potential leads to connect with after completing the conversion. It could, for example, be a “Thanks for your email” message or even the ultimate "Order confirmation" headings.


123 Click for Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Getting started is as simple as clicking on the ‘Tools and Analysis’ tab in Google AdWords’ Conversion Tracking and selecting the ‘Conversions’ option from the drop-down menu. This will reveal the ‘All Conversions’ page. Click on the ‘Conversions’ tab, then click the ‘+Conversion’ button to build your first conversion. The process ends with a prompt to fill out a form that enables AdWords to generate the appropriate HTML code for you to paste into your webpage.


Up and Ready!

No need to wait for your developer with Google AdWords Conversion Tracking. A few nimble clicks and you are on your way!


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