5 Tools and Websites to Generate a Free SEO Report

Getting a Free SEO Report


Getting your SEO metrics just right can be tricky and conducting SEO maintenance is even more of a hassle. However, it's essential if you want to rank well in search engines. 


Even if you have a website that is operating beautifully, you still may not be getting the results you are looking for. Many SEO errors exist behind the veil. 


You must monitor your technical SEO, inbound link strategy, and backlink profile. Keeping tabs on your competition with a competitive analysis is another key component to lasting SEO success.


Performing quality SEO analysis requires the right SEO audit tool. It will help you to tweak your site so that it strikes that perfect balance. Be sure to check out some of these fantastic and free SEO report tools.


1. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is powerful, free software that can help you understand so much about your website’s traffic, your bounce rates, click-through rates and just about everything else.


Nowadays, adding Google Analytics to your website should be considered a basic first step. You can also use a Google Analytics guide to help you get started!  


With comprehensive website analysis, you will have the data you need to modify your website to be as high performing as possible. 


free seo report


2. Keyword Tool


Keywordtool.io is an incredible, free resource. Keywords play a huge role in your website’s traffic. Doing quality keyword research can make all the difference.


Keywords are an integral piece to your website rankings. They help optimize your pages, blog, and other content so that people can easily find you once they type in a certain word. The problem is that there is a limit to our creativity.


That's where Keyword Tool comes in handy. This free SEO report tool can help you pick up on some keywords that may have never crossed your mind. By using those unique keywords, you will broaden your audience reach.


3. Google Webmaster


As a business owner, there is one company that in many ways own you and that is Google. As the world’s most popular search engine by a long shot, you want to be sure you are at the top of their rankings (a reason why many people use Google AdWords as well).


The Google Webmaster tools have an array of features to make sure Google is properly “seeing you.” You can check if your site has been indexed and if any kind of errors is popping up.


These are the errors that prevent your site from not only being seen by Google, but by people in your target market as well.


4. Moz Score


There are far too many SEO report tools from Moz to name them all. From the local listings to their helpful blog posts, this is truly a website that you want to spend a few hours looking at.


As with many of these sites, they sell products that will really help you improve your site’s SEO performance. Using this in the beginning stages of your platform will give you access to some of their free tools. Also, reading their expert advice is a fantastic first start!


5. Copyscape


Depending on who you are, this software may either be your best friend or worst enemy. Copyscape is a plagiarism detection software which you can use by simply pasting in the website you want to check for plagiarism.


Google and other search engines reward unique, quality content. As a result, there is a duplicate content “penalty” which pushes your website back behind other listings.



Free SEO Report Tools Will Boost Your SEO Performance


Figuring out the basics of SEO analysis and boosting your SEO metrics is no easy task. It’s almost like learning a foreign language.


However, once you get into that rhythm and using these free SEO report tools, you’ll see your web traffic skyrocket and more importantly your conversion rate soar.


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