How to Set Up Facebook Pixel Retargeting on WordPress

Facebook Pixel for business integrates conversion tracking, optimization, and remarketing seamlessly with your WordPress website. Access and monitor your campaign’s success and determine target audiences based on specific page interactions and actions.


Remarketing Capabilities

When a prospect accesses your website, they can be retargeted using Facebook Pixel trackers and will have the opportunity to engage with your Facebook Ad campaigns. You can remarket to visitors in a variety of ways, including to a general audience of visitors, those who have visited specific pages, or to those who have taken specific actions (e.g. cart abandonment).

facebook pixel retargeting


Conversion Tracking

With Facebook Pixel you can directly track and monitor the success of your ad campaign. You can also elect to optimize your bids specifically for website conversions - meaning that your ads will only be shown to prospects who are most likely to convert.

See how well your ads operate across mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. Specify standard event triggers or choose more specific Custom Conversions to gauge your audience and reach.

It’s easy to see which ads are performing better than others and which conversions are costing you more.


Getting to Your Facebook Pixel

Here's how you get to your Pixel:

  1. Ads Manager → “All Tools >” → Assets → Click “Pixels”
  2. Create Pixel
  3. Copy and Paste generated code


Setting up Facebook Pixel onto Your WordPress Site

  1. Navigate to Plugins section & Download + Install a plugin called “Insert Headers and Footers”
  2. Navigate to Settings, click on “Insert Headers and Footers”
  3. Copy and Paste the code from Ads Manager into the Scripts in Headers box
  4. Save


How to Use Custom Conversions

Custom Conversions track and report information about the prospects who take certain actions on your Facebook ads. For example, visiting a Sales or Product/Service page or adding a product to their cart can trigger a Customer Conversion action you may want to track. With Facebook Pixel’s Custom Conversions you could potentially see the different steps of your Sales Funnel and monitor how many people are converting from one stage to the next.




Powerful Automation

Once you create and install your Facebook Pixel on your WordPress site, you can elect to create Custom Conversions whenever you have a new product or marketing opportunity for prospects. It will update automatically - no more messing with copying and pasting confusing codes.

Facebook Pixel truly changes the remarketing and Facebook Ad tracking game. Seamlessly integrate the power of Facebook Pixel and Custom Conversions with your custom WordPress site. The data that comes from monitoring your campaigns can help you design and optimize future opportunities and increase your overall conversion rate.

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