10 Essential Elements of a Landing Page That Converts

When you go shopping, sometimes you want to browse around. Other times, you want to find what you need quickly and make your purchase.


The same goes when you’re surfing the web.


Sometimes, you don’t want to have to navigate through a maze of web pages to inquire about a particular product or service. 



What is a Landing Page?


In digital marketing, landing pages are used to drive visitors to a specific destination. By doing so, they can adequately respond to their hunger for information fast and in a compelling way.


In addition to that, landing pages are created to convert. Unlike a regular web page, a landing page eliminates unnecessary distractions by removing the navigation and any outbound links that would cause the visitor to stray from the CTA at hand.


What Are The Elements of a Great Landing Page?


An effective landing page is the single destination that guides and converts customers through quality content, punctuated by a marketing proposition and a single, compelling CTA.


If you’re contemplating launching your promotions with a landing page, here are 10 tips on how you can optimize conversions for your business.


1. Use Captivating Headers


The heading is the first thing that your visitors will red so make it short, catchy and powerful. Effectively communicate the subject of this landing page and why this visitor should read on.


Make sure the heading compels the reader to think the following information will be personally relevant. 


2. Have a Clear Message


Landing pages do not beat around the bush. Their marketing messages are meant to be focused, clearly outlined, and helpful in guiding the customer to arrive at a buying decision.


For businesses selling expensive products and services, a longer copy with rich information may be needed to convince the customer further to positively respond to the CTA.


3. Create a Compelling CTA


The primary purpose of a landing page is to convert a customer to purchase a product or service, or to participate in a marketing promotion.


In order to achieve that, your CTA is absolutely critical. First and foremost, you must ensure you only have one! Including more than one CTA has been shown to decrease your conversions by 266%!


To create a captivating CTA, use language that provokes emotion and start off with a command verb. Use your marketing magic to inspire action!


4. Ensure Quick Loading Times



The fastest way for visitors to disengage from your landing page is to have a slow loading time. In fact, just one second of delay decreases your likelihood of converting by 7% or more!


That’s big motivation to make sure your potential customers don’t encounter technical issues or loading lags.


5. Be Strategic With Design Elements


Colors, images, and font types all play important roles in the success of your landing page. Your goal is to entice customers to respond to your CTA. Aesthetics can draw visitors in or turn them away.


If your landing page is cluttered and aesthetically disconnected from the image of your brand, your message may not resonate with your customers.


Include your logo and use font types and colors that are consistent with your website. Remember, white space is vital to prevent your landing page from looking busy and cluttered.


6. Engage Visitors With Videos

Videos attract customer engagement on all sorts of web pages. On landing pages, they have the potential to increase your conversions by a whopping 86%!


If your video is informative or offers an emotional appeal, customers will be more likely to trust your product or services. Customer testimonials can be especially effective.


7. Remember To Build Trust and Loyalty


Trust is important to attract engagement. If you asked for information from visitors in exchange for value, then you must deliver based on your promise without delay.


Including positive reviews and testimonials from past customers can aid potential customers in their decision-making. Referrals have been shown to boost purchase intent by 71%!


8. Ensure You Capture Email Addresses


Acquiring email information from customers is easier if you have a compelling proposition and an incentive that sparks their interest. For this reason, a landing page is a perfect place to capture email.


Emails are essential in building your pipeline to successfully promote other campaigns in the future. When a visitor shares their email with you on the landing page, you have consent to nurture them with emails throughout the buyer’s journey.


9.  Include An Appropriate Lead Capture Form


To capture emails and other pertinent information you want to collect from your visitors, you must have a lead capture form strategically located on your landing page.


It should be easy to find so your potential customers can drop their information on the fly as they go through the sales funnel.


Make sure the form does not have too many questions or visitors may be less likely to fill it out (because let’s face it, we’re all a little lazy online.) The more value your CTA is promising, the more information you can justify requesting on the form.


10. Send A Simple Thank You Message


Make the customer experience on your landing page pleasant and memorable by leaving your visitors with a great lasting impression.


Send a simple Thank You note after they’ve subscribed to your business, provided information through the lead capture form, or completed a purchase.


It’s a form of courtesy that shows you’ve paid attention, care about their participation, and ready to forge a long-term relationship built on trust and loyalty – a simple gesture that will go a long way.


CNG Digital Marketing Is Builds Beautiful Landing Pages That Convert


CNG Digital Marketing has expert designers, content specialists, and copywriters who can help you create a landing page that effectively converts. We include all the essential elements needed to give your business an edge over your competitors.


Make your digital marketing campaigns fun, exciting and beneficial for your business and customers by collaborating with our team of digital marketing experts. Learn more about our services and get to know our staff by visiting our website today. 


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