The Importance of Ecommerce Social Media Integration

To garner leads we should promote ourselves everywhere our persona goes. But, it’s just too expensive to advertise everywhere, so we have to be selective. Let’s say we plan to sell hotdogs at a high school baseball match in aid of school funds. Our marketing strategy could include an appeal on the school’s Facebook page, and a well-positioned stand just inside the entrance to the grounds.

That’s ecommerce social media integration in a nutshell. We incorporate it in our digital marketing plan.



Ecommerce retail represented 8.7% of global shopping in 2016. It is set to rake in $22 trillion this year, and may pass $27 trillion by 2020. It’s possible a few customers found their leads in reviews in the Sunday papers. However, most would have used the internet when shopping for ideas.

We just need to station our virtual sandwich board on the cyber street corner where our persona meets. Sandwich boards were an early example of integrated social marketing. If we were selling hot dogs at a school fete during the Great Depression, we would have hired a person to carry a pair of placards fastened together and hung over their shoulders. There would have been no doubt we were selling hot dogs whether they coming or going as they strolled through the fete.


Nowadays People Don’t Walk, They Surf Cyberspace

Few of us catch up on the news over coffee after church nowadays. We have largely stopped buying the Sunday papers because they are so yesterday. We surf the internet instead, but the only problem is the reviews are mostly contrived. So we hop onto our favorite social media channel and ask our friends what they think.

Ecommerce social media integration is joining this conservation. Here’s a neat link to tell you where your persona is likely to be.


How Integrating Social Media in Our Marketing Plan Works

We garner leads on social media by subtly alluding to products. But, we don’t try to sell them. That would be bad form, like handing out flyers as congregants left church after a service. We build trust in ourselves, and our products by sharing valuable information regarding the benefits they provide.

In the case of hotdogs, we might post unusually tasty recipes and news of international competitions. We could also post interesting snippets. As an aside, we could say pork sausages were freebies at the coronation of an emperor born in Vienna, Austria in 1527.

I kid you not. The social media platforms are supposed to be fun.

If you hate cooking, then best stay away from the stove.


How To Do Ecommerce Social Media Integration Yourself

You can buy hotdogs at a takeout, or you can make them at home. By the same token you can do ecommerce social media integration yourself, or you could get help from a specialist.

Social media marketing is a thing you have to keep on doing, because she or he who shouts loudest gets heard most. It’s a case of stay connected, or be gone.

Social media conversations fly at the touch of a button. You must check your pages at least once a day, and respond instantly to all comments including negative reviews. You can’t do ecommerce social media integration properly, unless it is in the mainstream of your mind.


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