Easy Video Marketing Tips w/ CNG's Senior Videographer: Kodyak Tisch

Whether your business is just starting out or you already have an established customer base, video marketing is an excellent way to attract new audiences and get clients excited about your products and services.

In an increasingly digital age, consumer expect companies to appeal to them through a variety of mediums, including websites, social media, and captivating visuals. Photography is a core element of marketing, but videography introduces a dynamic element to your business, injecting it with new life and energy.

Here are a few tips to help you engage with your viewers through video marketing.


1. Tell a Story


A video is a scripted chance for you to tell the story of your business, brand, product, or services to a new audience in a compelling way. Instead of writing a stale sales pitch, make your script lively, conversational, and friendly.



The best marketing videos are the ones that tell a satisfying story from beginning to middle to end. Make sure the ending of your video also focuses on a call to action, whether it’s to promote your new line of products or encourage viewers to sign up for your online newsletter.


2. Retain Viewers with Edutainment


Your company’s video should offer more than an item or a service. As any good marketing agency will tell you, successful videos educate viewers in an entertaining manner. Your business is much more likely to retain its audience if you offer tips, advice, and information on topics related to what you’re selling to demonstrate an interest in the consumer as well as your advanced knowledge and expertise in an industry.


3. Make Your Video Search Engine Optimized


Search engine optimization is the process of making sure web crawlers, like Google bots, can find your video and include it in the appropriate search results. You can make an incredible video with the potential to really wow your customers, but that won’t matter much if no one can find it.




To get the most out of your production, think strategically about the title of your video, the keywords you will use to tag your video, and inserting a transcript so search engines can easily scan the text.


4. Focus on Quality

From the visuals to the cast to the script, quality should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to making an effective marketing video. Make sure you’re shooting with equipment that will produce high-quality footage along with using expert-level content writing to convey your message in a clear, captivating manner.


5. Vary Up Your Camera Angles


Stagnant camera angles can make a viewer navigate to another page before you even have a chance to get past the introduction. While steady shots using tripods are important, you can make the film more dynamic with tools like drones. Aerial images, sliding, panning, and side profiles can make your video more visually appealing to audiences.

In addition to the way you frame a shot, they types of shots you include with influence the overall feels of a video. Consider incorporating some slow motion, fast action, and B-roll footage to provide variety and give viewers a comprehensive view of your products or services.


6. Video Marketing Tips for a Small Budget


If you’re on a tight budget, but want to make a professional caliber production, one option is to use royalty and copyright free music. Websites like Epidemic Sound, Audio Jungle, and Artlist.co offer huge archives of music for personal and professional use that viewers will love.



In this digital age, video marketing is increasingly becoming an avenue to boost your business and increase traffic to your site. Following these tips will guide you to create more meaningful and effective video campaigns to market your product and/or services!


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