E-2 Investors Visa for Foreign Business

Are you ready to build a global business?

The E-2 investors visa classification is available to foreign nationals who want to live in the United States in order to develop and direct business operations. More specifically, the E-2 visa is only eligible to people from countries that the US has a Treaty with. If you are looking to invest in a new city, San Diego is rife with foreign national business investors and is the perfect growing tech hub for startups.


It is a non-immigrant visa. There is no promise of a green card at the end of your business venture. An E-2 investors visa is valid over a 5-year period and can be renewed indefinitely as long as the business is running.

Any profit-seeking business is eligible, non-profits are not. You can start fresh or acquire an existing enterprise.

There is no required number of US workers that have to be hired but it is advisable to at least hire some.

Businesses designed only to support the E-2 investors visa applicant and their family are not permitted. The E-2 visa allows the qualified applicant’s spouse to be eligible to apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) - meaning they can work.

There is technically no required investment dollar amount (E-2 versus EB-5 visa) but keep records of all expenditures handy - they usually expect a substantial amount. There is a “marginality requirement”.  A sizable investment and profit must be made in order to be considered an acceptable profit-making business.

Borrowing loans should be fine as long as the business is not overly leveraged. You can also receive gift contributions.


You will need a 5-year business plan. It is a key element of consideration for immigration officials. Passive investments like real-estate or stocks don’t qualify.

The time frame for getting an E-2 investors visa can range anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months (or longer). Applications and legal fees are usually around $5000 USD and filing feeds fall around $500 USD. You need a lawyer - there are a lot of legal elements.

You must intend to return to home country after your E-2 investors visa expiration.

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