Do Blogs Help SEO? 5 SEO Hacks That Will Boost Your Blog Content

You’re Probably Wondering: Do blogs help SEO?

These days, the golden word for any business is SEO. How can you get to the top of those search rankings? No matter your business, you want to be as close to the top as possible because let’s face it, nobody goes to the second page of search results. There are many ways to do this and one of the most popular ways is blogs. They take some work so a lot of people wonder do blogs help SEO enough to be worth it. The answer is yes. Just be sure you follow these top five hacks.


1) Freshness

You might have a fantastic website and layout, but if it's stale then nobody is going to read. A website that doesn’t feature fresh content is a lot like an old newspaper. There may be some interesting things to read there, but it’s not as appealing as today’s edition. For both actual site users and search algorithms, the same logic applies to your site. Also, remember that SEO maintenance is important, you want to make sure the keywords you are using are still relevant and unique.

2) Links

Basically, search engines are programmed to look for sites that are useful and one of the best ways to do this is through the use of links. External links connect you with more established and reputable sites showing that your content is trustworthy.

At the same time, internal links help search engines see that the pages of your website are tied together. Your website should function as a single organism and such be organized and through linking the right pages together, it once again proves the efficacy of your platform.


3) Keywords

It all comes down to keywords. Blogs give you the opportunity to use a lot more of them. It’s quite simple, the more keywords that appear on different pages on your website, the more search engines will associate your site with certain words.

You can’t go overboard though. The general guideline is to have about two percent keyword density for Google. So instead of focusing on a few choices, have a selection of about ten to twenty preferred keywords you want to your site to be associated with.



4) Mix Your Content

Most websites fall into the same stock SEO formula. There is a reason this is the general template, but you still need your site to stand out to readers. You don’t want your site to look like everybody else’s. By throwing in different types of content, particular images and videos, it creates new types of links and different page experiences that will improve your rankings.


5) Be Persistent

More than anything it takes time. Unless you are lucky enough to go viral, you have to be consistently posting good content at least once a week. Many sites do three times a week or even more. Just put it on your schedule. You don’t have to have a masterpiece, but a solid and interesting 500-word article once a week will help you climb that ranking ladder over time.


Easy Tips to Improve Your SEO

So do blogs help SEO? Of course, they do! Just follow these five simple tips, be patient and you’ll watch yourself ascend the rankings ladder and eventually grab that top spot! Of course, if you need help remember that you can always hire an SEO expert for your website.


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