Behavior Flow: 5 Reasons Why Your Page Abandonment Is Increasing

Attracting a potential new client is hard enough on the cluttered highways of cyberspace. Grabbing their interest and retaining them is even more difficult, and the onset of page abandonment is just but a nanosecond away.

One option is to make sure that your content and imagery offer something which appeals to your visitor. The techies call it "bounce rate" - something that any good web designer will try to avoid when setting up your web pages. Another option is using a digital marketing agency, which can both help you expand your business while also increase your website engagement.


Defining Page Abandonment

Naturally, we all want our visitors to stay on our webpage and first prize would be getting them to spend money on the goods or services we are punting online. What needs doing to achieve this? If space allows, we will answer that right here, if not, please look for a future posting because this article is talking about the reasons for page abandonment, please read on.

Often, searchers visit your portal and upon entering your landing page, they decide “nope, not for me.” This can happen even before your page fully downloads if the viewer dislikes what they first encounter regarding imagery. Your content has to scream, "Read me, I'm brilliant...just what you are looking for". Putting it mildly, your web presence has to be both sensational and compelling.


Curse of the Internet -

While there are many reasons that end up with online shoppers wandering away from their session, here are some of the main distractions that will likely lead to page abandonment:

1. Time is Money – Orson Welles left us this memorable take home. If it needs more than a couple of seconds to download what you are trying to punt, you are likely suffering info overload. Pay a visit to your website and see how long it takes to get to the action, visitors will certainly not hang about. There are different ways to speed up your website and doing so will certainly improve conversion.

2. Avoid Bombardment and Distraction – Surely, you just hate landing somewhere and discovering you have to view a half-minute video at maximum volume before gaining access? Noise such as flashing images or rapid slide switching will likely turn your viewers off for sure.

3. AutoPlay Ads – Not just intrusive, autoplay ads will simply ruin the reputation of your landing page and diminish the value of your content from the viewer’s eyes. If cheap-looking pop-up ads appear within the first five seconds, the visitor is going head for the page abandonment exit. Google Chrome has decided to block autoplay ads, so this will no longer be a huge issue.

4. Unrelated Content – Can you think of anything more off-putting? We certainly cannot! Few of us will tolerate unexpected surprises while in serious search mode. The parallel is like trying to find the quickest exit from the subway when you are in a hurry and late for a meeting.

5. Mining for Information – While it is true that headlines and subheadings assist our visitors to scan blocks of text quickly, content they expect to stumble on needs a strategic alignment. Few will take time to scan beyond what they consider a reasonable investment of time.


Summing Up Your Bounce Rate

It is important to understand the purpose of each individual page on your website and to ensure that any ads and secondary calls-to-action are not preventing your objectives. Page abandonment is a serious matter and something you should aim to avoid at all costs. Lowering your bounce rate takes dedication, however, it is possible and will help you decrease the abandonment of your page.


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