10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Website Design

If you are in the process of creating a new site for your company, look at how your competitors approach website design.

Instead of constantly worrying that your competitors are out to get you, realize that you can learn a thing or two from them. Here are 10 things your competitors can teach you about website design:

They can show you what your website design is missing

Even if you think you have every possible feature on your website, you could still be missing something. If you browse through your competitors’ websites, you may spot features on their sites that you don’t have. For example, you may find a blog that provides valuable information to their customer base or testimonials.

They can show you what to include on your homepage

The homepage is the first page your visitors will see, so it’s critical to make a good impression. This page should be clear, concise and entice your audience to stay on your site. What sorts of content, images and features do your competitors have on their homepages that you don’t? For example, a rival company may feature brief descriptions about their most popular products.

They can teach you about the importance of social media buttons

Social media is huge these days, so it’s crucial to include social media buttons on your website. Check to see if your competitors have social media account buttons on their websites and how often they update their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

They can teach you about the importance of being mobile friendly

Another important web design tip to follow is to make sure your website is optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices. Browse a few of your competitors’ websites on your smartphone to see if they are mobile friendly or not. If you find that their sites are difficult to navigate on your mobile device, you will have further evidence that being mobile friendly is indeed important.

They can teach you that you must keep your website up to date

Keeping your website design fresh and updated can increase the number of users who visit your website. When you check out your competitors’ websites, look to see how often they update it. If you see photos from five years ago or coupons from last year, that could be the extra motivation you need to update your own website.

They can show you what features you don’t need

Some web design features just aren’t necessary. If you browse through your competitors’ websites, you may find features that are distracting, such as music and flash animation.

They can teach you about the importance of imagery

A website without clear and thoughtful images can look pretty dull. Just look at the types of graphics that are on your competitors’ websites. Are they clear? Do they successfully illustrate the company’s brand and voice? If so, customers will be more likely to visit the site again and share the images with their friends.

They can teach you about color schemes

Colors can make or break your website design. The color scheme you choose for your website should fit the industry your business is in and not interfere with navigation. If you look at your competitors’ websites, you can receive valuable insight on color schemes. For example, examine how bright their colors are. If the color scheme is too bright, it can tire out your eyes and become an annoyance.

They can teach you about the importance of a call to action

A call to action is crucial for your website because it encourages visitors to buy your products and services. Take a look at what the types of words and phrases your competitors use in their calls to actions. Are they catchy? Do they convince customers that they need their services?

They can show you what keywords you should target

To help users find your website through a Google search easier, you must include the right keywords throughout your web pages. Find out what keywords your competitors include in their headings, image tags, content and URLS. If these keywords are geared toward your target audience and don’t have a lot of competition, you should have more success with them.

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