10 SEO Positive Impacts on Your Business’s Bottom Line

That your website needs to be Search Engine Optimized isn’t news. SEO has long been considered one of the surest ways to ensure that your business gains a foothold within the extremely competitive sphere of online businesses. Appearing within the top rankings, on the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) increases chances of your website being found by prospective customers.
However, the question you need to ask is this: Yes, my website is on the top, but does that mean an increase in sales and revenue for my business? Here are 10 SEO positive impacts on your digital investment ROI.

1. Gets Your Website and Business a Lot of Eyeballs

It has been shown that the top three results on a Google Search Page grab the lion’s share of clicks. Why? A higher ranking implies greater exposure to potential customers when they search for keywords pertaining to your business.

2. Targeted Traffic

Not only does SEO increase the traffic to your website, it also ensures that this traffic is relevant to your business.

3. Being on Top == Being the Best: The Trust Factor

SEO lets you take advantage of the simple fact that users tend to consider the top results on the SERPs as the best option for their requirements. This translates to an increased click-through rate and leads.

4. Boosts Your Brand’s Image

If you consistently rank on top for your business’s most pertinent keywords, there’s a good chance that it will stick in people’s minds, and increase the likelihood of them returning to your site frequently for your services or products. They’re also more likely to recommend you to their friends and contacts, thereby establishing your business as a trusted brand.

5. SEO Positive Impacts on Social Media

SEO and Social Media Marketing go hand-in-hand. SEO can help manage exactly what happens when people share your content over social channels like Facebook or Twitter. Social channels rely on SEO elements like titles and meta-descriptions when content is shared on their feeds. A good SEO expert will know how to leverage the effectiveness of those parameters to get more people to click your content.

6. SEO from the Get-Go!

SEO should never be a last-minute proposition. It works best when it has been taken into consideration during your website’s development. Business owners often make the costly mistake of hiring an SEO expert after their site has been launched (and in most cases, failed to deliver any results). A website which has been developed with all the Search Engine Optimization elements in place is likely to start reaping dividends far more quickly

7. SEO and Web Design

Trends in web design have changed drastically. Due to the increasingly short attention spans of web users, the need for minimalist design and quick page loads is on the rise. Minimalist designs rely more on visual content and less on textual content. Search engines, however, rely more on textual content to rank the website’s relevance. Therefore, there’s a greater significance to ensuring that your content is optimized for search engines.


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8. SEO’s Mobile Advantage

Given the fact that more than 51% of users use their mobile phones to access digital media, it should come as no surprise that this trend has had a significant impact on how websites rank on the SERPs. If your website is mobile-responsive, then you’re already a favorite with Google. With the right SEO and mobile optimization tactics in place, Google will love you all the more.

9. SEO Is An Investment, Not An Expense…

… provided you’ve left it in the hands of an SEO specialist. However, a boost in traffic and ranking, and reduction in bounce rates, are not the sole indicators of why SEO is a necessary investment. As a business owner, it’s the amount of traffic that gets converted into successful leads that will determine the return on investment.

10. SEO is a Long-Term Investment, As Well.

Again, in the hands of a professional, the results from a well-planned SEO campaign can be retained for a long time, even after the campaign has ended. However, it is advisable to keep an SEO consultant or expert on hand to help with the maintenance of the site so you don’t lose those rankings.


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