Salon Marketing Strategies: How to Build a Clientele

There’s a lot of information on  building a clientele for a salon. If you like endless lists, then try this one.


Today, we are just going to focus on the single most important thing; which is building clientele online.



Building Clientele With Salon Marketing Strategies


Wandering down city streets looking for a beauty salon is very overwhelming, especially because the options are endless. 


I can, however, look for a salon on the internet with my smartphone and check out the reviews. In this day and age, consumers do their research, and this is true for beauty salons especially. 


If you want smart clients who appreciate quality, you have to be on the web like the rest of the gang to effectively market your salon. 


With a compelling online presence, you will grow your customer base, leading to improved future customer loyalty. This will indirectly increase your word of mouth referrals as well. 


Market Your Salon Through Social Media


salon marketing strategies


Opening a Facebook business page is the best place to start. Every business who wants to be taken seriously needs to have an official Facebook presence. 


It's also a great catch all for your other social media posts because you can ‘tweet’ on it, ‘instagram’ on it, ‘youtube’ on it, and all the other things you could do elsewhere on social media.


Besides, 68% of Americans use it and 3/4 of those users visit Facebook at least once a day! If you want to get found, you better be on Facebook. 


Here’s a great step-by-step from PC World to get you started.


Use Local SEO To Capture Potential Clients


market your salon through social media


The next thing to do is announce your presence, so people on Google can find you, go gaga over client selfies, and follow your promotions.


Because you are building a clientele for a salon in a particular place, you are going to use local SEO so local people can find you. This is one of the most important marketing strategies you can invest in. 


At this stage, you could benefit from technical advice from an acknowledged SEO expert. Your local SEO could soon start pulling people from Google and the other half of the population are already moving their research to Facebook.


Both Google and Facebook offer a great opportunity for paid search advertisements. This means you need AdWords AND social ads if you want to turbocharge building clientele for a salon in your case.


Once you have the internet spinning your way you can start trimming back on cost. 


A Stunning Website Is The Next Step to Building Clientele


salon marketing strategies include email marketing


While Facebook is imperative, there are limits to the business-page size and you may soon outgrow it. Hence, a website of your own becomes the obvious next step!


Whether you run a hair salon or spa, having your own website will help you show up in search engines and impress potential customers. 


You also want a website so that you can successfully capture email addresses and implement an email marketing campaign. This will allow you to nurture a loyalty program with your best customers. 


salon marketing strategies how to build a clientele


10 out of 11 people will be viewing your website on their smart phone. This means you have to have a mobile responsive website that rearranges itself according to the user's screen size. 


The good news is that CNG Digital Marketing has extensive experience with social media marketing, SEO, paid search, and beautiful web design and development! With our salon marketing ideas, you will experience growth in clientele and overall business success!


Start building your clientele - speak to a salon marketing expert today!


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