Marketing Tactics: How to Build a Clientele for a Beauty Salon

There’s loads of stuff on the web about building a clientele for a salon. If you like endless lists, then try this one. The problem I have with leads like that is they string too many what-to-do things on my chain. Moreover, I have no idea where to get started, and they don’t really tell me how to go about it. So today, I am just going to focus on the single most important thing; which is building clientele online.



Building Clientele for a Salon on the Internet

Wandering down city streets looking for a beauty salon is very overwhelming, especially because the options are endless. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t visit a salon if I could style my hair with HTTP code, but I can’t of course. I can, however, look for a salon on the internet with my smartphone and check out the reviews. If you want smart clients who appreciate quality, you have to be on the web like the rest of the gang. Let’s move forward and discover how to go about this relatively simple task.


  • Opening a Facebook business page is the best place to start, because you can ‘tweet’ on it, ‘instagram’ on it, ‘youtube’ on it, and all the other things you could do elsewhere on social media. Besides, 58% of Americans use it, and facebookers have an average 155 friends.

Here’s a great step-by-step from PC World to get you started. If you get lost, any eight-year-old could probably point you in the right direction.


  • The next thing to do is announce your presence, so people on Google can find you, go gaga over client selfies, and follow your promotions. Because you are building a clientele for a salon in a particular place, you are going to use local SEO so local people can find you.

At this stage, you could benefit from technical advice from an acknowledged expert. Someone that knows the future, because they are already creating it.


  • Your local SEO could soon start pulling people from Google to your Facebook business page. However, the other half of the population are already moving their research to Facebook.

This means you need AdWords AND social ads if you want to turbocharge building clientele for a salon in your case. Once you have the internet spinning your way you can start trimming back on cost.


The social media are great and we must have a Facebook presence. However, there are limits to the business-page size and we soon outgrow these fast. Hence, a website of our own becomes the obvious next step. The good news is there is help at hand when you know where to look.





The Next Most Important Thing to Building Clientele for a Salon

Your future customers are ten-to-one searching for you on a smartphone, especially when they have an idle moment. This means you have to have a mobile responsive website that rearranges itself according to the user's screen size. You know the reasons already. Sites that are not responsive do not reel in clients.


Start building your clientele - speak to a marketing expert today!

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