Creating a Brand Awareness Strategy For Social Media

Creating a Company Brand Awareness Strategy

There is a vast difference between a brand and a company. Some of the best examples are giants like Kleenex which we use as a synonym for tissues as well as Q-Tips, Cokes, and so on. In the old days, you would have to be a major company with a serious marketing budget to compete on any scale like that. Everything changed with the rise of the Internet and social media. Today, even the smallest one or two person companies can have thousands of followers. So before you expect to have success with your online platform, you need to build your brand, and you can do this by following these brand awareness strategy tips



1) Find Your Market

It’s doubtful that you are reinventing the wheel with whatever product or service your company offers. And this is a good thing. You can search the major players in your industry and see the kinds of people who follow them. By doing this, you learn vital information such as where they live, how they old they are and what types of advertisements appeal to them. Use this to begin to tailor your brand awareness strategy.


2) Quality over Quantity

There is a sweet spot in the relationships behind here. Although there are studies that show the profiles with the most followers and likes are those with the most posts those also tend to be media outlets like Huffington Post and Vice, not a local carpet cleaning company. There are many different types of distribution channels and you don’t want to limit yourself to just a few. Focus on a few outlets. These days a brand awareness strategy should include the top two players which are Facebook and Instagram. Since Facebook owns Instagram, it’s easy to use both to your advantage.


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3) Encourage Engagement

What makes social media such a great outlet is that it is inherently conversational and two-sided. Traditional advertisements that played on TV and that was the end. Instead, you can now engage with your audience and make them feel like they are a part of something. You don’t need to respond to every comment or message, but little things like photo contests related to your company go a long way to draw attention to your business.

Calls to action are the name of the game in a brand awareness strategy. It’s another form of engagement that generates leads as well as conversion. But choose carefully how often you use them and how you deploy them. Successful Instagram campaigns sometimes have very little to do with whatever the company sells, but once a following is created so too is a level of trust. When that happens, you viewers will be more likely to become your customers.


5) Analytics

Track everything you can. It has never been easier. A Google Analytics guide can help you figure out the numbers. Facebook and Instagram offer insights so you can see everything about who is viewing your pages. This is a great way to see both your strength and weaknesses. If you are doing well in a particular market, then this might be a great place to take advantage of an ad campaign. Likewise, if you are not doing well with a specific key group for your business, you may need to tweak your platform.



Brand Awareness Takes Time

Developing a substantial social media following to grow your business takes time, but with the right brand awareness strategy, it doesn't have to be difficult. But if you produce solid content, pay attention to trends and encourage engagement, you will get there. Finally, you will need to “cheat” a little to get your name out there more. You can only gain so much traction from getting your friends and family to like your page. Another tip is to create some focused ad campaigns so you can spread your brand name and hopefully spread your company’s wings to success. Finally, one last tip would be to find some extra help, a digital marketing agency can really help expand your business which means generating more leads and creating better content.

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