7 Tips to Boost Sales on Instagram

Finding ways to boost sales on Instagram is a time-consuming task for many businesses. How to get started? What to post? Will it work?

The platform is increasingly popular, so it comes as no surprise that it should be treated as a force to be reckoned with. Facebook acquired it for $1 Billion back in 2012, which sounds like a bargain, considering they paid 19 times more to buy WhatsApp. Nevertheless, Instagram could become a goldmine for businesses, provided that they know how to handle it. As with any sound social media strategy, start with the basics.

Optimize Your Instagram Business Account

Creating a business account means more than simply setting up a profile. The objective is to boost sales on Instagram, not just be able to say “Sure, we’re Instagramming”. Make sure your Insta name is in alignment with your business, that your page includes a link to your website, displays up-to-date information and a consistent profile image. Carefully craft your company’s bio, too (tips here). Be brief, relevant, set the tone - keeping Instagram users’ behavior in mind.

Relevant name ✓
Current info ✓
Brand profile image ✓
Bio ✓
Link ✓

The best advice at this point is that you should promote your brand, not your company. Instagram users relate to stories and build a community around an identity rather than a business. They want to feel a connection to something deeper, like a movement or a lifestyle.

Define Your Target

Social media management is time-consuming and therefore costs money. If you’re blindly posting bits and pieces that have a “little bit for everybody” in the hopes of reaching your true audience, you’re wasting precious resources.

Your content should be relevant to a specific group of people: men, women, surfers, fashion conscious, parents, singles, sports fanatics, etc. The more precisely you know the characteristics of who buys your products or services, the higher the chances to not only boost your sales on Instagram, but also attract and engage only the qualified followers.


The bearing pillar of successful Instagram marketing is the # - the hashtag. This is how you get in to get the word out. Each post can have up to 30 hashtags, so you have no excuse if you don’t get seen. And you will if you’ve done your homework. Instagram hashtags are like recognition pins (or secret handshakes) based on keywords (pertaining to your industry), trends (hash groups that gather the most followers), niches (smaller gatherings but extremely appealing to you), or your own.

Keywords research ✓
Trending # ✓
Niche # ✓
Brand # ✓

Artfully Craft Your Content

Instagram is by nature an exclusively visual platform. Everything you need to say has to be conveyed visually. Currently, 95M of photos and videos are posted daily, so emerging from the pack is not easy.

All posts should be high res to keep their sharpness when resized (your original should be 1024x1024 pixels). Professional photographs are great (if you can afford them) but should carry an organic feel to appeal to users. Perfect visuals tend to feel too sterile and gain less traction. You can be creative, add captions, quotes, use filters to play with atmospheres… There is no limit, so long as you respect your brand identity and keep consistent.

High res images ✓
Creativity ✓
Organic feel ✓
Lifestyle ✓
Ambiances ✓

He Who Follows

Followers are the bread and butter of your Instrategy. You want to engage them to the point of becoming promoters, take them from “like” to “tag”, that magic moment when they want to include their friends in your brand community.

Much like everything else you wish to see grow, engagement must be nurtured. Incite users to comment by directly asking questions in your post - everybody likes to share experiences or memories.

Respond to comments to show you are present, not just scheduling posts and moving onto something else. Organize contests to encourage sharing. You should also pay attention to what your audience posts, this carries valuable information, tells you what they care about and what makes them react. At this point, you can share their content, as a reciprocal engagement.

Another great (overlooked) way to boost sales is to follow your competitors and influencers within the industry. They typically follow you in return, increasing the reach and prompting spread. Others of the same nature will often follow you as well, according to your recent “Follow” activity. This form is cross promotion is beneficial to both, so do not discard it too quickly because they go after the same prize.

Incite comments ✓
Respond ✓
Organize contests ✓
Share ✓
Cross promote ✓

Analytics or Else

To effectively boost sales on Instagram, you need to continually track results (this being true for anything business related, mind you). Track likes, shares and comments and learn from variations. Did a certain post not quite perform as you thought it would? Ask yourself why. Was it irrelevant, out of line, not consistent with your brand?

Measure density. A quick recap of your posts and metrics over a few weeks period will help you to set up a schedule (rather than post when you have time). Some days work better than others, so focus on those results and establish a consistent social media plan. (Note that each day of the week can become a way to widen your reach). Be aware that what was true 5 months ago may not be today. Keep those analytics tools up and running and don’t be afraid to adapt your strategy.

Track followers ✓
Track engagement ✓
Track density ✓
Schedule ✓
Be consistent ✓

Boost Instagram Sales with Instagram Ads

Paid advertising is an option if you need to speed things up a bit. Through the Facebook Ad Creation tool, you can post an ad on Instagram. Other than a tactic to generate traffic and sales, it will get people to take specific steps toward conversion, measure post engagement, and reach a broader audience.

Generate sales ✓
Increase conversion ✓
Engage ✓
Reach wider ✓

Generating more sales via Instagram is a matter of understanding how the medium is different from other social platforms. Users will react to a visual before anything else. If they don’t like what they see, they won’t click. You want to make them click. You want to make them click, like, share, tag. Simple as that.

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