Is Your Backlink Building Strategy Working? (Do You Have One?)

A backlink building strategy . . . do you have one, do you wish you did? If you currently have a website, you want it to be successful, right? Isn’t that your ultimate goal? In order for your site to strive, you need to think about building backlinks. Need some help?

Creating a Backlink Strategy

Before you busy yourself creating the ultimate backlink strategy for your website, you need to first fully understand what backlinking refers to.

Simply put, backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. Congrats, you’re up to speed! Understand?

To clarify, backlinking occurs when a web page links to any other page on the Internet. Backlinks are particularly important, as they help your website rank higher on Google search results.

All external links, however, are not created equal. While you may want to take a shortcut and buy yourself some backlinks, this could hurt you in the long run (and sometimes, in the short term). Search Engine Algorithms determine if your site is worthy of gaining a few positions up on the results page. This implies checking how you connect with other sites. Not just how many times one of your web pages appear on another site, but the trustworthiness or such mention. Your backlink building strategy should focus on quality rather than quantity.

Now, let’s take a look at a few ways to acquire those quality links.

Social Media Is Your Friend

Think about it: Almost everyone is on at least one social media platform - even your grandma! Businesses are using Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram for digital marketing purposes. Consider promoting your content on these social media platforms, to (potentially) bring even more awareness to your site.

Do You Blog?

We agree: Blogging can be very time to consume. Not to mention, it’s not always “fun.” However, if having a successful website is important to you, then you better start blogging or get yourself content writing services.

Furthermore, don’t just blog for your own site, but try to guest blog on other sites, sites that are popular and related to your business or company. When writing these guest blogs, backlink to your site, which will ultimately bring you more traffic.

Use Your Voice

If you want people to know your website exists, then tell them! One of the best ways to ensure you’re being heard is to participate in various online forums, as well as question and answer sessions. Sure, these practices will take some time, energy, and work, and though they may not always pan out exactly how you plan them to, it’s still important to use your voice! Remember, investing your time and energy - for free - is sometimes necessary in order to reap the rewards.

Ready, Set, Backlink!

How many websites are currently live? Most likely billions - you’re not the only one! To stay in the race with today’s competition, you have to play the game. And what’s one of the biggest components of the game? That’s right, having a backlink building strategy as part of your SEO efforts this year. There are different ways to complete this task, so determine your ultimate goals, and then pursue what works best for you and your needs. Ready, set . . . backlink!

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