Are Bing Ads Worth the Investment?

Some of you probably scoffed upon reading the title of this article...

There’s a good chance that some of you out there that don’t even know what Bing is.

That’s because in the land of search engines, Google is king.

Bing is second in terms of market share, but it’s not exactly a feat when it only has 6.45% of the market compared to Google's beastly 86.28% (report as of April 2018).


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So it only makes sense that you’d want your PPC marketing campaign focused on Google Ads (formerly AdWords). It’s enormous and commands the lion’s share of the market, and billions of searches are made on Google every day.

The only problem is, all the competition is on Google Ads as well. It’s like a gold rush given how huge the potential gains are, and how saturated the platform is. Your competition is sure to be fierce, and your adspace crowded.

Given how Google selects ads to display, you may need to shell out a significant bid if you want to see better results from your campaign.

If you’re a small business that’s just starting out, you may not have that kind of money yet.

Instead of thinking about how you can stretch your budget for Google Ads, you may want to look in the direction of the oft-forgotten search engine: Bing.


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Yeah, yeah, we know. We can already hear you asking, “Who even uses Bing anymore?”

With this article, we aren’t telling you to abandon Google and bet all your money on Bing. That’s for you to decide. The only point we’re trying to drive is that while Google Ads is a great PPC marketing platform, it isn’t the only one.

Think twice before disregarding Bing in its entirety. To help you process your thoughts, here are a couple of things you should consider to see if this platform is right for you and whether Bing ads are worth pursuing.

1. People Actually Use Bing

Can you name anyone you know who uses Bing? Probably not.

That’s why we’re betting you’d be surprised to know that Bing lists 145 million unique searchers on its network, and handles 6 billion searches monthly.

Better yet, 33.8% of the market share in the U.S. is hoarded by Bing, and it handles 24% of all search queries in the States.

An impressive number of people use Bing, and these are people you’re missing out on if you choose to ignore Bing ads and focus only on Google.

And if you market exclusively in the U.S., you’re missing out specifically to the tune of 145 million people.

2. Bing Ads May Cost You Less

Everyone’s advertising on Google, that much is obvious.

Know where fewer people are advertising?


Thanks to the lower volume of competition on Bing, and the fact that it uses a similar bidding system to Google Ads, you’re more than likely to end up bidding a lot less to rank higher in search results.

If you want numbers, Practical Ecommerce and Wordstream report paying about one-third less per click for better ad positions, with others saying that the average bid price for Bing Ads is 42% less than what you’d pay Google.

3. Bing Ads May Get You Better ROI

It’s true. There are fewer people on Bing. When comparing the best-case scenarios of either platform, you’re likely to score fewer clicks on Bing than you would on Google.

But you may find that you get a heftier return on investment when choosing Bing.

Firstly, Bing searchers spend 34% more time on average when shopping, and click-through rates are around 50% higher on average than what we see on Google.

Secondly, 40% of the Bing audience are between the ages of 35-54 and about one-third of them have an annual income of $100,000 or more. What that means is, if your small business caters to that adult demographic with disposable income, you may see a better return on your investment from Bing ads than on Google.

And given Bing’s robust ad targeting options, you can maximize the potential reach of your advertisements to your intended audience.

But of course, everyone’s experience is different. If you already have a Google Ads campaign, it’s worth it to set up a Bing campaign and see which one works better for you.

Which won’t be a problem, because…

4. You Can Import Your Google Ads Campaigns to Bing

Bing, probably realizing that most advertisers coming to its platform are those who already have more than one Google Ads campaign in their pocket, allows those users to import those campaigns into Bing easily.

All you have to do is to choose Import from Google Ads, and with a couple of tweaks, you’re good to go.

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Putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea, even when it comes to powerhouse platforms like Google Ads.

The fact of the matter is, the number of people who use Bing is not insignificant, and when you invest in Bing ads you also get your advertisements shown on Microsoft’s other two search engines, Yahoo! and AOL.

Running a Bing ads campaign alongside your Google Ads campaign may be the right move for your small business.

Of course, you know your business the best. If you’re starting out and unsure where to go, let these suggestions help you decide which PPC campaign works best for you.

Who knows? With a little help, you could end up creating that next killer campaign.

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