8 CTAs that will Triple your Lead Conversions

So you’ve opened a company website in order to introduce your service to the cyberspace. You have a decent layout and web design, and your content is ready, available and informative. There’s only one problem: you’re not drawing in any potential customers.

If you’re struggling to get users to sign up for your service, you may need to review your website’s call to action. There are many types of business-oriented calls to action one can take, which can help boost the conversion rates of any small business owner.

Here are nine examples of companies who managed to draw in numbers with the help of well-designed CTAs for business.

1.) Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s call to action is compelling because of the forwardness and clarity of its copy, as well as the contrast between the text and background.

Since the dark text is on a light background, the CTA becomes more readable. It automatically draws the attention of potential customers. Plus the copy: “Make your website better. Instantly.” is a well-written one, that promises instant gratification to all who sign up.

It’s a simple idea: if your customers feel like they’re getting something substantial out of you, they’re more likely to sign up for your service. That’s the first thing that makes CTAs for business worth clicking.


Source: Crazy Egg

2.) Spotify

When it comes to Spotify’s call to action, it becomes a matter of branding and design.

The background of the website embraces Spotify’s quirky, young and eccentric branding. In stark contrast to the yellows and reds, the classic green call to action button stands out. Above it is a brilliantly compelling and straightforward copy: “Music for everyone. Millions of songs. No credit card needed.”


Source: Spotify

3.) Dollar Shave Club

The web developers at the Dollar Shave Club understand that there are certain instances where subtlety and simplicity help boost engagement.

The Dollar Shave Club’s website does not present to you its content right away. It instead encourages client-website interactivity.

The copy poses you a question: “Let‘s help you Get Ready. Which of the following things do you do?”. After that, there are three small clickable icons to choose from. It’s only then that the website redirects you to a product tailored which is to your response.

Since most CTAs for business are generally more direct and no-nonsense than the Dollar Shave Club’s three-button setup, this helps make their website stand out even more.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 4.13.21 PM

Source: Dollar Shave Club

4.) NatureBox

CTAs for business is not just about aesthetics. Increasing web conversion rates also means thinking about content, which makes the pop-up advertisement of NatureBox CTA is a perfect balance of offer and design.

First-time customers are automatically presented with a taste of the business’ products.

The sentence “GET A FREE GIFT!” is followed by a brief explanation of Mocha Almonds-- the company’s special freebie-- and a text box for the customer to enter their email address. Already, site visitors are given the option to try their product without fully committing to it.

At the same time, because the CTA of NatureBox is a pop-up advertisement, customers are forced to read the offer before proceeding to the content of the website (that is if they don’t click the dreaded x-button of course)!


Source: NatureBox

5.) Ridge Wallet

Unlike our previous examples of CTAs for business, Ridge Wallet’s CTA is heavily reliant on the background.

The banner is modernized and clean. Instead of relying on colorful vectors or graphics, the company opted to use a muted photograph of their product. On top of the picture, which mostly consists of a dark grey or black color scheme, is the copy in plain white text.

The way Ridge Wallet constructed their CTA is compelling and transparent. It automatically presents the product to potential customers.

Remember: sometimes being direct in your business’ CTAs can pay off.


Source: Ridge Wallet

6.) Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the best language learning software on the market to date-- and their website makes sure you know it.

CTAs for business can easily be beefed up by leveraging the validity of a product in the CTA’s copy. In this case, Rosetta Stone places the PC Magazine logo at the bottom of the screen. The contrast of the red logo of PCMag against the clean white background of the website makes the verification marker stand out from the rest of the page.


Source: Rosetta Stone

7.) Nike

When it comes to Nike’s page, they try to keep their CTAs for business away from the website’s product showcase.

Nike puts its copy and CTA button sandwiched in between two banners. As you scroll through their page, you’ll notice that the CTA button repeats. The text with the CTA button varies, and what is said mostly complements the banner directly above it.


Source: Nike

8.) Squarespace

Squarespace makes the claim (in bold text, no less) that they’re “All you need to create a website.” With the way the website looks, a customer is likely to believe them.

Their website is elegant yet dynamic. The copy and CTA button are simple enough to read, with the underscore giving emphasis to their primary service (to create a website). You can also click on the flesh-tone background to see other color schemes, pictures, and copies Squarespace has to offer.


Source: Squarespace


CTAs for businesses are crucial. A good CTA can help lessen the bounce rates of your website, and a great CTA can slowly increase those conversion rates.

The examples given above are only nine ways you can improve your website. There are other steps you can take to clean up your CTAs for business. Just remember to keep things clean, concise, and crisp. Keep both your design and copy in line with the vision of your company for a better website.

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