5 Technical SEO Tips From Your Favorite SEO Team

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can mean the difference between your site showing up at the top of page one when a user searches for your keywords and your site languishing on the tenth page of results. The first option sounds ideal, and the latter, well, not so much.


If you think SEO is all about keyword stuffing and getting links, think again. Google’s almighty algorithm has changed a lot, and it now notices things like how long it takes your site to load, how well your site works on mobile, and even the way your site is structured. All of these factors comprise what it known as technical SEO.


Ready to take a few simple and actionable technical SEO steps? Read on to learn more.


1. Make Sure You’re Responsive


Now more than ever, people are searching for information and services from their mobile devices. If your site doesn’t work well on mobile, you can expect to get left in the search engine results page dust. This is where responsive design comes in.




Basically, responsive design means that your site looks great and works the way it’s supposed to whether you access it from a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Switching to a responsive design if you haven’t already can offer a great technical SEO boost.


2. Stay Out of the Slow Lane


The Internet moves fast, and sites that take too long to load are likely to get passed over by search algorithms. You can use a variety of technical tools to make your site load faster, whether that means switching to a faster host or using compression.


3. Fix Duplicate Content


Avoiding and eliminating duplicate content is another quick technical SEO fix that can help your site perform better on search. Whether you’ve reposted content from another site or have the same article published multiple times on your own, Google could be punishing your site for the duplication.




To solve the problem, do a content audit and make sure everything you’re sharing on your site is 100% original. If you absolutely have to repost something, make sure that you’re adding enough original, value-adding content around it to give your site some extra value.


4. Get Some Structure


Structured data markup code helps robots and crawlers figure out what your site is all about more quickly and easily. This code can also show up in search results in the form of snippets below the link. Use this code as an opportunity to give added SEO value and compel users to click on your site over any other site in their search results, and you’ll be using technical SEO like a Jedi.


5. Be Secure


Finally, as of 2014, Google announced that their algorithm strongly favors sites that use SSL. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a technology that encrypts the link between your server and the user’s browser. If your site has https:// in its URL, congratulations, you’re already using SSL.


On the other hand, if you just see http://, then your site could use a security boost. To do so, you’ll need to install an SSL certificate on your site, which you might want to consider hiring an SEO professional to help you with.


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