The 5 Essential Components of Great Small Business Web Design


We all know that word of mouth is powerful for small businesses. For potential customers who hear about you, it’s kind of like a blind date. The first thing they are going to do is google your name and check you out online.


In the age of the internet, an engaging, professional website can be transformative for a small business. On the flip side, if your website looks mediocre, it will put off potential customers.


Your website is essentially the face of your brand for online users. For that reason, you want to be intentional about what you put out there. While a website holds a lot of power, the great thing is that it is totally under your control.


By implementing the right components of great web design, you can take your business to the next level. That’s why as a premier web design marketing agency, CNG Digital Marketing, has developed an entire eBook on the topic.


In this eBook, we will present 5 impactful components of great small business web design. By ensuring all of these components are included in your web design project, you provide your business the online presence it needs to succeed, attract more leads, and ultimately bring in more business.

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